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Ask for Evidence on “miracle” cancer cures

Sense about Science are highlighting miracle cancer cures as part of their Ask for Evidence campaign.

This post aims to highlight the harm done by “miracle” cures and to suggest what evidence hunters can do to tackle this. It also gives examples of when action has had an effect and the ways those selling such treatments can wriggle out of trouble.

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‘Dr’ Robert O Young shamelessly continues to imply he can ‘reverse’ metastatic breast cancer

I was appalled yesterday to find the outrageous quack – ‘Dr’ Robert O Young implying on Twitter that he is able to reverse metastatic breast cancer.

This comes less than a year after Kim Tinkham tragically died of this very form of cancer after following Young’s advice.

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ASA not able to pursue all my Live Blood Analysis complaints… Hopefully compliance action across the sector to follow.

Finding out about Live Blood Analysis, a highly dubious procedure with similarly dubious practitioners was what gave me the impetus to start making complaints and blogging. I am now hopeful that the Advertising Standards Authority will reward my efforts with compliance action across the sector. Continue reading

Dear Daily Mail, I don’t think cheese and meat are making our bodies dangerously acidic

UPDATE (17/07/11) I have not yet received a reply to the email below so I have just sent the following:

I am disappointed that I have still had no reply to the attached email (regarding How too much cheese and meat can make your body dangerously acidic published on 28th June).

As I have outlined below, I believe the article in question contained a number of inaccuracies. I therefore believe it was in breach of the Press Complaints Commission Editors’ Code (with respect to Accuracy). I plan to lodge an official complaint with the PCC if the matter is not resolved shortly.

I look forward to a reply from you over the next week or so.


Following my complaint about the Daily Mail’s recent alkaline diet article and her unsatisfactory reply, I have just (08/07/11) emailed the Daily Mail’s Good Health Editor with the following… Continue reading

Daily Mail Good Health Editor still believes carbon dioxide is the main source of alkaline material in the body

I’ve had a reply from the Daily Mail’s Good Health Editor following my recent complaint about an article entitled ‘How too much cheese and meat can make your body dangerously acidic’: Continue reading