Monthly Archives: October 2011

‘Dr’ Robert O Young shamelessly continues to imply he can ‘reverse’ metastatic breast cancer

I was appalled yesterday to find the outrageous quack – ‘Dr’ Robert O Young implying on Twitter that he is able to reverse metastatic breast cancer.

This comes less than a year after Kim Tinkham tragically died of this very form of cancer after following Young’s advice.

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Another bloody disgrace from Groupon!

Excuse my belligerent tone but I truly am appalled and frustrated that despite  numerous complaints, innocent members of the public are still being misled by Live Blood Analysts promoted by Groupon.

In addition to making misleading claims in his advertising, one practitioner, Errol Denton, has even – according to comments made online – been treating customers appallingly, resulting in a ‘mass refund’ from Groupon, as well as an adjudication by the Advertising Standards Authority against the original ad.

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Someone has evidently got their knickers in a twist over the Advertising Standards Authority’s decision to name and shame non-complying digital advertisers…

On the same day the ASA’s Hall of Shame was unveiled, the ASA Sucks website (and associated @Against_the_ASA Twitter account) emerged. I originally decided to ignore this mildly interesting development which has already been blogged elsewhere.

As the names alone indicate, the attack was so childish, petty and ill-advised to be almost beyond parody. Continue reading

Advertising Standards Authority unveil their Hall of Shame

Yesterday, the Advertising Standards Authority inducted the first members into their Hall of Shame.

Their Misleading Online  Advertisers page (EDIT 04/02/12 now ‘Non-compliant’ online advertisers), tantalisingly online yet empty since the digital remit was extended this March, now lists four culprits – three of whom are in the Alternative Health sector. Two of these specialise in Reiki Healing – a form of ‘energy healing’ which, though some people find pleasant and relaxing, lacks plausibility and evidence of efficacy for any condition.

The four guilty parties are Samantha Pearce, Allan Sweeney, Life Healthcare (t/a Life Natural Cures) and Vistaprint. Continue reading