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ASA complaints provoked by the Evening Standard ‘PH’ article

I have already made several complaints to the ASA regarding live blood analysis. I thought I had made my point and had been planning to forget about LBA for a while and concentrate on the Nightingale Collaboration’s Focus of the Month. Following my complaint about the Evening Standard’s ‘PH’ article last week however, and after examining the related company websites, I felt I should inform the ASA of my concerns. Continue reading


More complaints to the ASA and the Evening Standard

The Evening Standard still haven’t replied to my last last email so I thought I’d send them another one:

Dear Charlotte,

I am still awaiting your response to my last email (see below). I would like to point out that I feel strongly about this issue and am not able to simply forget about it now that the article has been removed from the website. Continue reading

‘Raise your PH level like a celebrity’ says the London Evening Standard

Following a tip off by Ben Goldacre, I was shocked to read this article by Victoria Stewart of the Evening Standard, which appeared in yesterday’s ES magazine. (EDIT: The article has since been removed from the Standard site but can be found here.)

It contains such gems as ‘the average sleep-deprived, hard-partying Londoner will probably have an acidic pH level below 7’. Continue reading