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Book Review: Everything You Need To Know To Help You Beat Cancer by Chris Woollams

This is billed as the most comprehensive anti-cancer book available, published by CANCERactive, a UK Registered Charity founded by the author, Chris Woollams. Their agreed aims are to inform and support cancer patients and to provide research into treatments.


Having read the book, I can tell you that it does the very opposite of this. It misinforms, misleads and gives dangerously bad advice. It recommends unmanageably restrictive diet and lifestyle choices. It undermines medical professionals and leading cancer charities, spreading fear and mistrust. It encourages cancer patients to devote precious time, money and energy to dubious treatments known to do more harm than good. Woollams provides no research whatsoever into treatments, but instead appears to simply cherry pick studies, interpreting them to suit his arguments. He gives no references, or indeed any details of these, making it impossible to learn anything from his ‘research’.

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WDDTY: The Editorial Panel

The controversial and misleading alternative health magazine What Doctors Don’t Tell You is supported by some of the world’s leading pioneers in nutritional, environmental and alternative medicine. Each is an authority in his or her field and many have broken new ground and inspired new practices in medicine.

That’s what they tell you.

What What Doctors Don’t Tell You Doctors Don’t Tell You

Of those who can be found on the GMC List of Registered Medical Practitioners, one has been issued with a warning, one has relinquished his registration, and all of them advocate dubious interventions, some of which have been shown to do more harm than good.

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WDDTY: My Master List

I thought it might be useful to keep a organised list of articles on the controversial and misleading alternative health magazine, What Doctors Don’t Tell You.

I aim to add new links to this post as they arise.

Last updated 12/12/14

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Cancer quackery on sale at

Selling and advertising unlicensed cancer cures is illegal, dangerous and cynically exploits the vulnerable. And while it doesn’t surprise me that there are dubious alternative health websites marketing such products, to find them on sale through Amazon is unexpected and worrying.

The following products are all currently available* from, sold by third parties. The Blood Purifier is even “fulfilled by Amazon”, meaning the product is picked, packed and shipped by Amazon from one of their warehouses. Continue reading

Anticipating the Burzynski sequel

I await the release of Burzynski: Cancer is Serious Business, part II with trepidation verging on dread. This time, I won’t just have to contend with the usual overblown efficacy claims and the sickening and damaging cancer conspiracy theory. I’m now wondering if I’m meant to be part of the mysterious international group of “information hit men” Merola is currently claiming have been engaged in the intimidation and harrassment of terminal cancer patients. Continue reading