Nu-Col: A Wealth of Nonsense

This leaflet came through my door yesterday.

Like Arthroplex, Nu-Col is marketed mainly at older people, primarily as a treatment for arthritis and is available in the form of cream or tablets. Like Arthroplex, the products lack a marketing authorisation from the MHRA. Like Arthroplex, the company behind them (in this case Healthy for Life) operate from offshore using PO Box addresses.

And like Arthroplex, the health claims are so wild, so ludicrous and so numerous that I am only able to give a brief summary (see here and here for images of the whole leaflet).

It seems that Healthy for Life are under the unusual and mistaken impression that all health problems associated with ageing are caused by a lack of collagen. For some reason, they think collagen is the main constituent of the eyes, liver, skin, muscles, ‘brain lungs’ and more, and that we stop making it once we get past the age of about thirty.

But don’t despair…

Fortunately, there is now a treatment which allows you to rebuild your collagen stores and regain your youth!

Nu-Col is the easy solution to all our problems.

Here are just a few more of Healthy for Life’s astonishing claims:

Nu-Col will help heal skin from the first week and eczema, psoriasis, wrinkles and age spots will all disappear within 2 months.

A regular dose of collagen in your bloodstream will help to quickly rebuild and tone muscle while actively detoxifying your whole body. A more lean body helps to better burn calories and rejuvenate your internal organs for better waste elimination.

Eyes: Eyesight can improve in 4 days.

Heart: Pulse rate can normalise itself in 10 days

Liver: The liver can feel less congested in 24 hours

Prostate: Alleviate symptoms within 7 days.

Thankfully, I don’t need to go to the trouble of reporting any of these claims to the Advertising Standards Authority, who have already banned the Nu-Col leaflet after receiving complaints from four people earlier this year.

The complaints were upheld in full on August 22nd, when the ASA ruled that the ad must not appear again in its current form. Healthy for Life declined to comment on the specific complaints but said they would modify any future copy of the ad.

Since this is just the fourth out of five ASA rulings against Healthy for Life, I’m not convinced that future efforts will be any better.

The details of the other rulings suggest that the company sell a wide range of quack products and that they have been doing so for quite some time. Such products include shark cartilage, colloidal silver and Essiac – “For All Your Cancer Concerns“.

What you can do

Medicinal claims made about unauthorised quack products like these should be reported to the MHRA at

Advertisements for cancer treatments should be reported to Trading Standards, quoting the Cancer Act 1939. Details for your local office may be found here.

And if the banned Nu-Col leaflets keep appearing, they should be reported to the ASA, as should any similar advertisement which makes misleading, unsubstantiated claims.

I would also love to hear from you if you spot a Nu-Col leaflet, anything like it, or indeed anything else from Healthy for Life.


89 responses to “Nu-Col: A Wealth of Nonsense

  1. The Nu Col leaflet arrived today – exactly as described. It was in a plastic wrapper with the The Book People catalogue and a couple of other flyers. Thought I’d investigate before buying and glad I did.

  2. I have just received a leaflet inside The Book People magazine this morning.
    Why hasn’t it been stopped? So, so many years down the line it is still being advertised!

  3. Can’t find any recent reference to this product on the ASA website and

  4. Hello,
    It’s nearly end of November and I have just received the same leaflet with the small catalog from the very respectable ‘Book People’.

  5. I received leaflet with a Book People brochure today, 21 November 2018. If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

  6. I too have just received the leaflet in The Book People catalogue, and the claims caused me to google the product. The claims sound identical to those described above, which were apparently banned.

  7. I received this leaflet in The Book People catalogue too, and when I checked on they didn’t have the product available. You could still make an order with the leaflet though. Unbelievable that they are still trying to rip people off!

  8. Josephine I also received this leaflet with my Bookpeople yesterday and was going to purchase it as I suffer from Osteoporosis, Eczema and Bronchiestas but decided to check on Google and saw your reviews. Thank you, I ‘ll not be buying them.
    Kate Flynn

  9. This is 6 years later, following your blog here…. I have received this leaflet today in my Bookpeople magazine pack. Was intrigued by the product as turning 50 soon and have started having joint problems, thought I’d research online and have come across your blog.
    You’ll be interested to know the same claims are made as you list above and the leaflet looks identical.

  10. Following my post, in my google search, the products and claims can’t be found on as stated in the leaflet, but they have own site – – which they make the claims you list above Josephine. Can this be trusted and does collagen enhancement work? They say the tabs have a patented UC.II undenatured (is this even a word?) type II collagen which rebuilds cartilage? Is this true?

  11. I got one of these leaflets, in a pack of leaflets, with a magazine the other day.

  12. I had one question of these, with the Book People magazine I get posted to me.

  13. I have received an identical leaflet with all the ridiculous claims yesterday with my Book People catalogue! And as my father is in poor health at the moment I considered buying some. However I thought it sounded too good to be true and googled it which is why I am writing to you. These people should be shut down.

  14. Received a leaflet exactly the same as this one 2 days ago! My parents were going to order some and luckily I had a google first and came across you!

  15. Received 2 packets of Nu col and a jar of callogen cream worth £30 which I did not order fromHealth for Life. Does anyone know how to contact them?

  16. jeanette bailey

    Hi, received this leaflet as above,yesterday, together with one from wellform, claiming the Allanton secreted from snails heal osteoarthritis!

  17. Received same leaflet in a mail shot from Home Shopping. Tel: 0871 075 7777
    Very tempted until I saw this post so thank you.

  18. Alan Horton
    Received THE leaflet with the mail drop of the RADIO TIMES. Thank you all for sharing your experience, preventing me wasting my money.

  19. Hi, thanks for your comments about Nu-Col Collagen tablets. I have just received a leaflet like the one shown above. I was going to purchase some of these. Thanks for the warning. I received this leaflet in with a copy of Easy Life catalogue. I hope this is helpful. Thanks again. Yours sincerely Judith Cook.

  20. Thank you for this excellent information. NU’COL was bought by my ex wife for her mother who three weeks ago underwent surgery on her spine. An argument began because Madame must either be right or believe she is above apologising. Thanks to your vigilance l sent her your facts. Thank you.

  21. Lawrence collett

    Just received a leaflet in the post this morning inside a positive health Magazine the collagen leaflet is exactly the same. As your.

  22. Leaflet from Easylife (Name coincidence !)

    Tempted but will give it a miss and save my money.

  23. I have received a Nu-col leaflet with an Easylife magazine.

  24. I received one of their leaflets this morning with the easy life magazine

  25. Patricia Smith

    Got the very leaflet this week, in Positive Health, a subsidiary of Easy Life.
    Really a coincidence?

  26. Received a leaflet this week slipped in another magazine. I was tempted but researched first. Thank you for your helpful comments.

  27. Sept 2020 received in a package along with Wellform magazine, so still producing same leaflet, po box in Dublin

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