Tesco drops What Doctors Don’t Tell You

Tesco will no longer be stocking the misleading and controversial alternative health magazine, What Doctors Don’t Tell You.

As reported in The Times last October, scientists, doctors and patients condemned shops for continuing to sell a magazine which gives dangerously bad advice on vaccination and which has claimed that Vitamin C is a suitable treatment for measles and AIDS.

Shortly afterwards, Waitrose confirmed that due to customer feedback, they would no longer be stocking the magazine

As one of a number of people who had raised concerns with Tesco, I received a phone call earlier today from their head office.

I was told that the decision was due to a number of factors, including sales issues and complaints. Although it has not been available in Tesco for the last month, there have been no reported complaints from customers looking to buy the magazine. I was also told that given the poor sales figures, it is unlikely that Tesco will decide to restock at a later date.

I hope that WHSmith, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrisons will soon follow suit. It would be irresponsible of them to continue to allow such misleading and dangerous material the credibility of a place on their shelves.

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15 responses to “Tesco drops What Doctors Don’t Tell You

  1. This is great news. I thought the magazine was particularly problematic as there were pieces in it that were perfectly sensible (of the ‘eat your greens’ variety). Had the magazine been 100% out-and-out nonsense it would perhaps have been more obvious (to those who supported it being on sale) how ridiculous some of the advice was. I expect it’s a good idea for such magazines to cloak dreadful advice in among sensible stuff…

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  3. Paediatrician

    Yes, I wonder when they will remove that stupid book they give to parents about to vaccinate their kids with all that bull about the dangers of not vaccinating. Mind you they keep giving out crap about flu vaccine – have you seen the insert on the inside of the packet of Flulaval? It actually says
    “There are no rigorous trials that show that Flulaval prevents influenza”
    Is that stupid with stupid or just plain stupid?
    At least WDDTY has useful stuff

    • “There are no rigorous trials that show that Flulaval prevents influenza”

      A quick search on Google suggests that statement only appears on the websites of quacks and anti-vaxxers. Can you provide a reliable source?

    • herr doktor bimler

      “Paediatrician” was one of the nyms being used by the sockpuppet dude who has commented here and elsewhere as “mythbuster”, “spiniker” and numerous other disposable identities. I do hope that this is a different Paediatrician.

    • herr doktor bimler

      The reason I ask is that a “Johnny Labile” has popped up chez Orac, changing nyms and laying claim to multiple degrees, and in passing inventing a similar claim to Paediatrician’s:

      even says inside the packet of Fluval ” there are no rigorous trials to show that Flulaval or should I say Flulol, will prevent you getting influenza”.

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  5. @Paed – well, having just read the Flulaval insert, I can say, without reservation, that you are lying.

  6. If you are such believers in Western medicine, then by all means, use it! Who is stoping you? But you take it upon yourself to decide on my behalf which information I will have access to and which not?! Why do you have a need and think you have the right to have this control over me and my choices?

  7. @Senka – perhaps it is because we value that everyone should have the choice for legitimate medicine & avoidance of scams?

  8. Depends on your definition of ‘scam’. Do remember science does have its roots in alchemy, conjecture and intuitive suspicions.

  9. @Katkus – well, real science left that all behind a long time ago, whereas sCAM seems very much rooted in the past.

  10. Lucy Silverstein

    Follow the money! Big Pharma profit when we are sick, that’s why they want that honest magazine banned to cover up their crimes

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