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Dr Hilary Jones, Golden Duck nominee

You might not see Dr Hilary Jones on Pulse’s list of the top 50 GPs but similarly, you won’t see Mike ‘Dickie Bow’ Dixon on Dancing on Ice.

The original Doctor Dishy may not appeal to politicians or fellow medical professionals but he does have influence in the media and over the general public. Continue reading

More Golden Ducks in Westminster?

Michael Gove is the only politician on my Golden Duck shortlist.

However, there are a handful of other candidates who could be considered equally worthy. Continue reading

The Right Honourable Michael Gove MP, Golden Duck nominee

Michael Gove. The very name strikes fear into the hearts of teachers, parents and schoolchildren all over the land.

Each fresh assault on the nation’s education leaves us reeling, unable to dare imagine the consequences, or what will next be inflicted upon us. Gove has abandoned reason and sneers at critics, leaving a trail of destruction and slime in his wake. Like a great fat slug laying waste to our precious seedlings. Continue reading

Chris Woollams, Golden Duck nominee

Chris Woollams is the UK’s number one cancer researcher and founder of Britain’s number one holistic cancer charity.

According to the CANCERactive website, that is – but don’t believe all you read on there. It gives favourable coverage to any unproven or disproven cancer quackery you care to name, complete with handy links to clinics in the UK and beyond. Continue reading

Andrew Wakefield, Golden Duck nominee

There is no question that Wakefield has promoted dangerous beliefs. As if the (retracted) Lancet paper linking the MMR vaccine to autism and bowel disorders wasn’t enough on its own, he followed it up with a press conference, kicking off a groundless yet notorious media scare story.

This has never quite gone away, even though we now know that Wakefield falsified his research and was struck off the GMC Medical Register over two years ago. Continue reading

Patrick Holford, Golden Duck nominee

Holford doesn’t just make untrue and unsubstantiated claims about his vitamin pills.

He has claimed that “AZT, the first prescribable anti-HIV drug, is potentially harmful, and proving less effective than vitamin C” and that we’ve learned “what it is that makes some kids develop autism and also how to bring them back“.

He has endorsed the ludicrous Q-Link pendant, unevidenced diagnostic tests and much more besides. Continue reading

Professor Michael Driscoll, Golden Duck nominee


Driscoll, Vice-Chancellor of Middlesex University is Britain’s top quackademic, managing to just steal the lead from the University of Westminster’s Professor Geoffrey Petts.

As this post from pharmacology Professor David Colquhoun explains, over the last few years, course after quackademic course has vanished, leaving Middlesex and Westminster more or less isolated.

Since Westminster shut down several such courses last year (and the remainder seem under threat), Middlesex are now the leading provider of BSc degrees in pseudoscience and magic medicine. Continue reading