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Time is running out for Dr Stanislaw Burzynski

Surely this can’t go on for much longer.

Clinical trials on Burzynski’s signature treatment, antineoplastons, were stopped following the death of a child and horrifying findings by the US FDA. But Burzynski is still in business selling chemotherapy in untested and unapproved combinations, describing critics as hooligans and suggesting that former patients are prostitutes and crooks trying to make money from him.

And despite the trials having been stopped and despite serious and well documented issues, there are still recent misleading articles in the British press, casting Burzynski in a positive light.

For further background on Burzynski and on recent developments, I strongly recommend you read the recent USA Today investigation by Liz Szabo. It is an impressive piece of work – thorough, fair, accurate and utterly shocking. Watch the accompanying videos, view the embedded source documents and then ask how on earth Burzynski is still going. Continue reading

Ask for Evidence on “miracle” cancer cures

Sense about Science are highlighting miracle cancer cures as part of their Ask for Evidence campaign.

This post aims to highlight the harm done by “miracle” cures and to suggest what evidence hunters can do to tackle this. It also gives examples of when action has had an effect and the ways those selling such treatments can wriggle out of trouble.

Continue reading

Did Burzynski lie to the BBC?

In this clip from tonight’s BBC Panorama, Dr Burzynski makes some rather bold and misleading claims about antineoplastons. I think he could be lying. Continue reading

Burzynski: the false promise of antineoplastons

With the support of their local communities, cancer patients are still fundraising to travel to America for antineoplastons, a reportedly pioneering treatment not available in the UK.

In fact this treatment isn’t available anywhere except the Burzynski Clinic, and only to patients who are already on it. Antineoplastons disappeared from the clinic website in January. It is believed that following a recent inspection, the US FDA have closed the “clinical trials” loophole that had been allowing Burzynski to sell these old, unproven drugs to terminal cancer patients.

If this is the case, it is not a fact anyone seems keen to share with families still hoping for a miracle cure. Patients are misled and misinformed at every turn – by the clinic themselves, by lazy and cowardly journalism, by conspiracy theorist cranks, and even by registered charities. Continue reading

Burzynski and Big Tobacco

A guest post by Keir Liddle

In 1977 Stanislaw Burzynski left Baylor University to start his own clinic and continue his “research” on Antineoplastons.

Burzynski revealed in a 1979 edition of Penthouse magazine that his superiors at Baylor College advised him to pursue other avenues of research, discouraging his efforts in cancer research and that his funding was at first decreased and then discontinued. Continue reading

Anticipating the Burzynski sequel

I await the release of Burzynski: Cancer is Serious Business, part II with trepidation verging on dread. This time, I won’t just have to contend with the usual overblown efficacy claims and the sickening and damaging cancer conspiracy theory. I’m now wondering if I’m meant to be part of the mysterious international group of “information hit men” Merola is currently claiming have been engaged in the intimidation and harrassment of terminal cancer patients. Continue reading

Burzynski: An interview with Wayne Dolcefino

Following Keir Liddle’s latest post, which suggested Wayne Dolcefino has been employed by the Burzynski Clinic, the East England Skeptical Society contacted Dolcefino to try to get some firm answers.

His name may not be familiar here in the UK, but Dolcefino is well known in Houston for his work with KTRK TV, where he exposed public corruption and cover ups.

His site boasts that

He knows how to dig…and what to dig for

And since Dolcefino advertises services such as Crisis Management using the tagline “Credibility when you need it most”, I think it entirely understandable that Burzynski bloggers like Keir and I might jump to conclusions.

We suspected that perhaps Dolcefino has been hired by Burzynski to restore credibility in the brand, partly by digging dirt on bloggers. And if the FDA have really stopped Burzynski from giving his signature treatment to new patients (as was suggested on a recent patient blog), then it is also understandable to think that the Clinic may have felt in need of Crisis Management.

So, were our suspicions correct? Has Dolcefino confirmed his role as Burzynski’s PR guy? Continue reading