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Burzynski: the false promise of antineoplastons

With the support of their local communities, cancer patients are still fundraising to travel to America for antineoplastons, a reportedly pioneering treatment not available in the UK.

In fact this treatment isn’t available anywhere except the Burzynski Clinic, and only to patients who are already on it. Antineoplastons disappeared from the clinic website in January. It is believed that following a recent inspection, the US FDA have closed the “clinical trials” loophole that had been allowing Burzynski to sell these old, unproven drugs to terminal cancer patients.

If this is the case, it is not a fact anyone seems keen to share with families still hoping for a miracle cure. Patients are misled and misinformed at every turn – by the clinic themselves, by lazy and cowardly journalism, by conspiracy theorist cranks, and even by registered charities. Continue reading


Burzynski sued again

There’s a new case to add to Burzynski’s long list of lawsuits.

On 13th April 2013, Vern Richert, individually and as representative of the Estate of his wife Meridee Richert, filed a petition against Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota (BCBSM) and Dr S R Burzynski, dba Burzynski Clinic.

Meridee Richert was a patient at the Burzynski Clinic and passed away on 28th July 2011.

According to Mr Richert’s petition, in January, 2010, Mrs Richert was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Her health insurance policy with BCBSM provided payment for medical expenses in the event of an injury or illness. She sought treatment with Dr Burzynski, who represented that he and the Burzynski Clinic were familiar with BCBSM. The Burzynski Clinic informed Mrs Richert that her policy under BCBSM would cover its services. They also stated that insurance proceeds were slow to be recovered and required Mr and Mrs Richert to advance over $50,000.00 to begin and continue treatment. Continue reading

Burzynski blogs: My Master List

Last updated 17/07/14

Here is a summary of information on #Burzynski – which will hopefully be of use to those daunted by the sheer quantity of links on my Stanislaw, Streisand and Spartacus post.

UPDATE 30/04/13 Many of the links are to the 21st Floor, which is now offline. Most of these can also also be found here, by searching for “Burzynski”.

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