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ITV’s Daybreak describe Dr Hilary Jones’ comments on Burzynski as ‘studiously neutral’

I disagree.

As I said in my original complaint, his comments were misleading, irresponsible and misinformed.

The full reply is below. Continue reading

PCC rule that Evening Standard Burzysnki article did not breach the Editors’ Code

The background to my complaint is here.

I already had little faith in the Press Complaints Commission as an effective regulator so it didn’t particularly surprise me that they failed to agree that there were several (indeed any) inaccuracies.

Incidentally, the title of the piece was “Cancer girl’s £130,000 plea for life-saving operation in US“.

The full text of the PCC ruling (25/01/12) is below. Continue reading


Groupon caught promoting snake oil

Well, that’s hardly news, is it?

As we’ve already established, Groupon seem to have no scruples when it comes to the promotion of dubious quackery. The only difference here is that the miracle product apparently comes from an actual snake. Continue reading

The Advertising Standards Authority and me

You probably think I go seeking out this kind of stuff just to complain about it.

I admit that I have Googled certain terms with the sole aim of reporting advertisers to the authorities. I have perused leaflets of local practitioners on the lookout for dubious claims. I have signed up for Groupon emails covering areas nowhere near home – just to be kept informed of the latest weird and wonderful quackery hitting the nation’s capital.

But sadly, implausible advertising claims in the alternative health sector are so prevalent that I hardly need go looking for them. And since receiving this letter, I am no longer (generally speaking) in a position to make formal complaints: Continue reading