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Dear Daily Mail, it was irresponsible of you to promote ‘Dr’ Robert O Young’s wacky theory

I was made aware yesterday of an article in the Daily Mail entitled ‘How too much cheese and meat can make your body dangerously acidic’. I found this impossible to ignore and emailed the following to the author of the piece, copying in Continue reading

The Guardian are finally set to resolve my complaint

Following my dissatisfaction at the way the Guardian have handled my complaint so far, I was planning to write to the PCC on Wednesday 29th June, copying in the Editor of the Guardian.

However Readers’ Editor Chris Elliott has finally returned from holiday and is looking set to resolve the situation: Continue reading

Guardian not speaking to me due to PCC Protocol. PCC contact away until 27th June. Offending article still online.

Following my latest complaint to the Guardian Readers’ Editor yesterday (regarding the way complaints about this had been handled), I have been told that because I had complained to the PCC, all correspondence must be via the PCC (due to PCC protocol): Continue reading

Dear Guardian, I want a clarification, correction and apology by this time next week

I have written the following email to (and copied in other interested parties including, and

I wrote last Wednesday (15th June) to complain about an article published in The Guardian on Monday 13th June entitled ‘The inside track on osteopathy’ (linked below). Continue reading

Dear Guardian, I am hugely disappointed in you

I’m unhappy with the response I’ve had so far from the Guardian (following last week’s complaints about their misleading osteopathy article) and have been posting here and here on the subject.

To anyone who’s not been following the saga, I’ve summarised how I feel in my latest comment under the follow-up article by Martin Robbins: Continue reading

Dear Trading Standards, I think colloidal silver is being sold illegally all over the place. Please help.

As previously discussed, I have been advised by the MHRA that colloidal silver is not a medicine (and that it is therefore illegal to sell it and make medicinal claims). I have also had clear instructions from the Department of Health that I should complain to Trading Standards if colloidal silver is sold as food or a food supplement. Continue reading

Dear Guardian, Osteopathy is not an effective treatment for asthma or pneumonia

This Monday, the Guardian published an article regarding the supposed benefits of osteopathy for treating asthma and pneumonia. Although I know other people have complained about this (see here and here), I was genuinely appalled and felt I should put in complaints of my own. (Though I must also point out that in between my complaints being sent and me posting this, the Guardian have published this informative (online) take-down.) Continue reading