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The Burzynski Clinic misleads prospective patients

My last post discussed an email recently sent from the Burzynski Clinic to someone who had made an initial enquiry through the clinic’s website.

This post concerns another email from the clinic, sent about a year ago to parents who were looking into treatment for their child’s brain tumour. Although the family have not contacted me directly and wish to remain anonymous, it is my understanding that they are happy for this information to be made public. Continue reading


Disrespectful and dubious Burzynski marketing

A correspondent has sent me an email he received on 5th April 2012 from the Burzynski Clinic. This was in response to an enquiry through the clinic website.

The email stated Continue reading

Arthroplex: instant relief for the wallet

UPDATE 20/06/12 Forty-nine people reported this ad to the ASA, who upheld our complaints today. It seems some of the complaints concerned an earlier edition of the leaflet – some of the quotes on the adjudication differ from my leaflet (for example, the misspelling of ‘arthritis’ as ‘arthritus’).

Lots of people have been in touch to tell me where they have seen the ads. I have been in touch with the magazines concerned and included their responses here.

UPDATE 12/07/12 Press release: MHRA warns arthritis sufferers about buying unlicensed arthritis treatment

You may have seen these pictures somewhere before. They featured in a recent magazine insert and have already been emailed to Ben Goldacre by an orthopaedic surgeon, who was

not currently aware of any oral medication that can reverse crippling deformity of severe hallux valgus to a normal foot in 61 days

I have one of the inserts on my desk as I type. The product in question is ‘Doctor’s Arthroplex®‘ – an apparently revolutionary, yet unlicensed product available in capsule and gel form and claimed to be recommended by health professionals. Such inserts have recently been slotted between the pages of My Weekly, the Caravan Club magazine, Saga Magazine and Sporting Shooter.

Should you wish to say ‘no more!’ to joint pain, you are advised to order online (here), ring the Sales Team on 0845 658 5010 or send credit card details or cheque to an address in the Netherlands (Arthroplex. Eurowide Fulfilment, IBRS/CCRI, Numero 13011, Breda, 4800 VE, Netherlands).

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the product will arrive. Continue reading

Burnley Express promote Gerson quackery

The Burnley Express reported yesterday that a local woman with terminal cancer

is fighting the disease with a revolutionary raw food and juice diet

The treatment is unfortunately far from revolutionary. There is also a distinct lack of evidence that it can fight cancer. Continue reading

London Evening Standard promote live blood quackery

Yesterday’s Evening Standard featured an advertisement article promoting live blood analysis, in particular Katrin Hempel’s London Natural Therapies clinic.

It begins…

The last time I looked at anything under a microscope was at school, identifying the nucleus of a plant cell. So seeing my own blood — fresh out of my fingertip — is a novelty.

Continue reading