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Unlicensed herbal medicines must now be removed from UK shelves

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is reminding herbal companies and retailers that, as of 1st May 2014, unlicensed manufactured herbal medicines without a traditional herbal registration (THR) or product licence (PL) can no longer be sold to consumers and must be removed from shelves. Continue reading


Making sense of side effects

Last Wednesday, the MRC Centre for Drug Safety Science at the University of Liverpool launched a public guide, Making Sense of Drug Safety Science, in collaboration with Sense About Science.

Side effects, or adverse drug reactions, are a big public health concern and can be a barrier to the development of new medicines, causing many promising new drugs to be dropped at the development stage or in clinical trials. As the guide explains, drug safety science is helping us learn more about side effects, what gives rise to them and the harm they can cause. Researchers are working on developing tests to predict who will experience side effects. This can allow a beneficial drug to continue and to be used by people who are not at risk.

I have often been asked to tackle this subject by outspoken defenders of alternative treatments. This post will hopefully explain how we can establish whether the benefits outweigh the harms, what some of the pitfalls are, and what we can do to improve. I would also urge those using unregulated treatments to consider what safeguards are in place to research the side effects of these, to inform the public about the harms they may cause and to protect us from them. Continue reading

Cancer quackery on sale at Amazon.co.uk

Selling and advertising unlicensed cancer cures is illegal, dangerous and cynically exploits the vulnerable. And while it doesn’t surprise me that there are dubious alternative health websites marketing such products, to find them on sale through Amazon is unexpected and worrying.

The following products are all currently available* from Amazon.co.uk, sold by third parties. The Blood Purifier is even “fulfilled by Amazon”, meaning the product is picked, packed and shipped by Amazon from one of their warehouses. Continue reading

Who can I complain to about Errol Denton?

Someone out there has been pondering this very question.

The following were all typed into Google yesterday and all found my blog:

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I have plenty of suggestions for who you can complain to.

But first, for the benefit of newcomers, I will explain a little bit about Errol. Continue reading

MHRA warns arthritis sufferers about buying unlicensed arthritis treatment

The MHRA issued a warning last week about that notorious herbal scam, Arthroplex. You’ve probably already seen this news on the 21st Floor, in the Nursing Times or perhaps on the Huffington Post site. Maybe you’ve seen it somewhere else – it has certainly been widely reported.

Yet strangely, this person hasn’t…

I am astonished by the fact that none of the people complaining about this product seem to have tried taking it. More fool them! I have started a one month’s trial and after five days it seems to be doing everything that is claimed for it. If, after a month’s trial it does not work I can get my money back under the guarantee. Let the critics continue to suffer from arthritis pain. I am delighted to be pain free. I understand that the delay in delivery has been caused by thousands of users placing substantial orders afterf they have tried it for a month.

If like him, you’ve somehow found my blog without having seen any of those news reports, then please allow me to share the contents of that press releaseContinue reading