Daily Mail Good Health Editor still believes carbon dioxide is the main source of alkaline material in the body

I’ve had a reply from the Daily Mail’s Good Health Editor following my recent complaint about an article entitled ‘How too much cheese and meat can make your body dangerously acidic’:

Thank you for your recent email which was forwarded to me, as Good Health Editor. Your comments have been noted.

The main studies Professor Lanham-New referenced in relation to the link between diet and acid-base homeostasis are cited below. The first investigates the potential renal acidic load (PRAL) of certain foods. I have also attached a recent editorial she had published in the Journal of Nutrition, which explains the science further.

Remer & Manz (1995) J Am Diet Assoc 95,791-797

Frassetto et al. (1998) Am J Clin Nutr 68, 576-83

Stating that carbon dioxide is the main source of alkaline material is a simplified explanation – when writing for a lay audience some terms and concepts must be simplified in order to effectively communicate the basic principles. Acid-base homeostasis is a notoriously complicated biological mechanism – Professor Lanham-New has tried to explain it in terms our readership would understand.

We do not accept that a clarification/follow-up is necessary – this piece was very different from the Standard’s initial first person story. We made it clear that Young’s claims about cancer and fat are ‘unproven’ and that the strict regimen he advocates is entirely unnecessary (because the body has its own ‘sensitive and sophisticated method of keeping acid and alkali levels in check’).

It is Professor Lanham-New’s view that dietary imbalance may affect bone health. However she is at pains to explain that this does not mean following a regimen such as Young’s – but sticking to good old-fashioned principles of meat and two veg.

Thank you again for contacting us.

I’m not happy with this email and will be replying shortly. For a start, despite me pointing out that it was a ‘fundamental error’ to state that carbon dioxide is one of the body’s main sources of alkaline material they still haven’t spotted their mistake.

I am considering my response.


2 responses to “Daily Mail Good Health Editor still believes carbon dioxide is the main source of alkaline material in the body

  1. Try the PCC. It’s dogged and relentless in its pursuit of journalistic excelle… oh, wait.

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