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Dr Burzynski to miss out on Birmingham Cancer Convention as he feels unable to come to Britain

It seems that Dr Stanislaw Burzynski isn’t coming to Britain after all.

He was booked to speak in October this year at the highly dubious Cambridge Institute of Complementary Health Cancer Convention, due to be hosted at the National Motorcycle Museum Conference Centre in Birmingham.

A statement on the Institute’s website reveals that it is not to be. Apparently,

One of the reasons he feels unable to come is so that we won’t be exposed to the sort of attacks that he has suffered. Continue reading


If the media care about Burzynski’s patients they must pull their heads out of the sand

An increasingly unwieldy list of well known serious legal and ethical issues has done nothing to stop the British media reporting on Dr Stanislaw Burzynski in an irresponsibly biased way. Such articles usually appear in the local press, though have also featured on ITV Daybreak, in the Daily Mirror and The Observer. They are always emotive, always full of hope and are presented from the point of view of families wishing to raise funds for ‘life saving‘ or ‘miracle‘ treatment. In doing so  – though of course they don’t see it this way, the media are effectively promoting the Burzynski Clinic.

When concerns are pointed out, heads are stuck deeper into the sand. Editors insist they are simply supporting a desperate family at a difficult time. They may even convince themselves that in mentioning that the treatment is ‘experimental’ or unproven, they are adequately reporting criticism of the clinic. Continue reading

Is it illegal to promote Gerson Therapy at the World Snooker Championship?

The World Snooker Championship is always a tense affair. What makes me especially nervous this year is the (almost certainly illegal) advertising of the unproven and dangerous Gerson Therapy on Peter Ebdon’s waistcoat. Continue reading