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A new Manifesto issued to every MP

Thanks to this pledge, every MP in Westminster is to receive a copy of Mark Henderson’s Geek Manifesto.

The idea came from occasional blogger Dave Watts, who wrote

I was reading the Geek Manifesto and I thought “every one of our MPs should be reading this” then I thought, in the spirit of the book, “OK, lets make it happen” so …
What I want you to do is pledge to buy one copy of the book.
Once we have 650 pledges we can buy the books, then I will find a way of delivering them to the House of Commons.

Because Mark’s publishers agreed to match every pledge, the target was reached when the 325th person pledged to buy the book last Thursday. Continue reading


It’s Homeopathy Awareness Week!

Which means it’s only right that I do my bit to raise awareness about homeopathy. If you haven’t got time to read the whole post, it can be summarised in bullet points:

  • There’s nothing in it
  • It doesn’t work
  • It can be dangerous
  • It can be illegal
  • It’s all rather silly
  • It doesn’t matter what David Beckham thinks Continue reading

Is Arthroplex one of the worst herbal scams ever?

UPDATE 20/06/12 Forty-nine people reported this ad to the ASA, who upheld our complaints today. It seems some of the complaints concerned an earlier edition of the leaflet – some of the quotes on the adjudication differ from my leaflet (for example, the misspelling of ‘arthritis’ as ‘arthritus’).

UPDATE 12/07/12 Press release: MHRA warns arthritis sufferers about buying unlicensed arthritis treatment

Arthroplex leaflets, featuring a veritable smörgåsbord of misleading and unsubstantiated miracle health claims are still being slotted into various publications.

The product is unlicensed, unauthorised and often fails to arrive. It also appears to be specifically aimed at elderly and retired people suffering from chronic, painful health conditions. Continue reading