Monthly Archives: September 2013

Ask for Evidence on “miracle” cancer cures

Sense about Science are highlighting miracle cancer cures as part of their Ask for Evidence campaign.

This post aims to highlight the harm done by “miracle” cures and to suggest what evidence hunters can do to tackle this. It also gives examples of when action has had an effect and the ways those selling such treatments can wriggle out of trouble.

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The quack jewellers claiming to be from CERN

God Particle 4U claim to be part of a maintenance team working at CERN, making amazing, healing jewellery from old and worn out bits of the LHC.


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Alcopal: irresponsible, implausible, almost certainly illegal

Alcopal is a reportedly legal pill which infuriated road safety campaigners last August. It was claimed that it could allow drivers to drink five pints of beer and still pass a breathalyser test.

The product is now back in the news but unfortunately it still hasn’t been made clear that the pills don’t work and are probably illegal. Continue reading