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Nu-Col: A Wealth of Nonsense

This leaflet came through my door yesterday.

Like Arthroplex, Nu-Col is marketed mainly at older people, primarily as a treatment for arthritis and is available in the form of cream or tablets. Like Arthroplex, the products lack a marketing authorisation from the MHRA. Like Arthroplex, the company behind them (in this case Healthy for Life) operate from offshore using PO Box addresses.

And like Arthroplex, the health claims are so wild, so ludicrous and so numerous that I am only able to give a brief summary (see here and here for images of the whole leaflet). Continue reading


Yet another quack company litigates against its critics

Earlier today, Quackdown reported that in South Africa…

Solal Technologies is suing Kevin Charleston for R350,000 because he wrote on the Quackdown website that Solal Technologies’ magazine, Health Intelligence is a  “disguised marketing programme for Solal Technologies, a company that actively promotes pseudoscience and aggressively attempts to shut out valid criticism of its advertising.” Continue reading

Have WHSmith even read my #WDDTY emails?

Their replies suggest not.

I have decided to publish my correspondence in full so that you can see what I mean.

I originally emailed on 27th September. I’m afraid this was done in haste and I’m ashamed to say I neglected to even mention the vaccine scaremongering. Still, I did raise some very strong concerns.

I wrote: Continue reading

Colon quacks sue WordPress

UPDATE (01/03/13) Automattic (WordPress) defended themselves against Zenyth Pharmaceuticals. The motion was denied. The blogger has been posting updates here.


WordPress may not appreciate my writing this but I’m going to do it anyway.

The makers of this questionable colon cleansing product are now suing WordPress after failing to silence a Romanian blogger who had basically pointed out that they were making unsubstantiated claims.

Continue reading

Who can I complain to about Errol Denton?

Someone out there has been pondering this very question.

The following were all typed into Google yesterday and all found my blog:

suing errol denton
suing quack doctors in uk
live blood analysis london
errol denton
errol denton who can i complain to
errol denton complaints

I have plenty of suggestions for who you can complain to.

But first, for the benefit of newcomers, I will explain a little bit about Errol. Continue reading