ASA not able to pursue all my Live Blood Analysis complaints… Hopefully compliance action across the sector to follow.

Finding out about Live Blood Analysis, a highly dubious procedure with similarly dubious practitioners was what gave me the impetus to start making complaints and blogging. I am now hopeful that the Advertising Standards Authority will reward my efforts with compliance action across the sector.

Since writing my first post, I have made a substantial number of complaints to the ASA about marketing claims made on the websites of LBA practitioners. In most cases, the companies agreed to remove the problematic claims and the complaints were ‘informally resolved’. Of the complaints still outstanding, I am hopeful that at least one or two will ultimately result in adjudication (as happened here following action from another complainant).

The ASA wrote to me this week regarding a complaint about a Live Blood practitioner which has been outstanding since March. They said they are not able to pursue all my complaints formally but will focus their attention on one or two. If the Council goes on to make a formal adjudication, compliance action across the sector is likely:

10 responses to “ASA not able to pursue all my Live Blood Analysis complaints… Hopefully compliance action across the sector to follow.

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  5. I am aware of three complaints that have been upheld by the ASA against live blood analysis advertising since I published the above post.

    The first of these was against a Groupon promotion for Errol Denton’s livebloodtest (aka Fitalifestyle, also trading as See My Cells) (see above Pingbacks for links).

    The next was against ‘Dr’ San Gogana’s Optimal Health UK, as blogged here:

    The latest was yet another (the FOURTH) against Errol Denton/Fitalifestyle. The adjudication was published today ( Jo Brodie, the original complainant, wrote about it here:

    I hope compliance action is either ongoing or imminent.

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