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More Golden Ducks in Westminster?

Michael Gove is the only politician on my Golden Duck shortlist.

However, there are a handful of other candidates who could be considered equally worthy. Continue reading

The Right Honourable Michael Gove MP, Golden Duck nominee

Michael Gove. The very name strikes fear into the hearts of teachers, parents and schoolchildren all over the land.

Each fresh assault on the nation’s education leaves us reeling, unable to dare imagine the consequences, or what will next be inflicted upon us. Gove has abandoned reason and sneers at critics, leaving a trail of destruction and slime in his wake. Like a great fat slug laying waste to our precious seedlings. Continue reading

My Golden Duck nominees: an introduction

The 2012 Golden Duck from the Good Thinking Society is a lifetime achievement award open to British quacks of all disciplines – medical quackery, politics, business, TV and media and beyond.

After a couple of weeks mulling this over, I have been unable to settle on a single, favourite quack and have instead submitted a shortlist of eight. Continue reading