Alcopal dissolved, but the website lingers

Alcopal claimed that their “clever little ingredient prevents alcohol being absorbed” and that their pills could help drink drivers beat breath tests.

Such irresponsible, misleading and unauthorised claims earned Alcopal two separate entries on the Advertising Standards Authority’s list of non-compliant advertisers. Complaints came from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) in 2012 and from Birmingham Trading Standards earlier this year.

Alcopal Limited was dissolved on 30th September 2014.

But company founder Arthur Kibble has quit before. In January 2013, he claimed to bitterly regret having become involved after receiving floods of hate mail and being threatened with a gun outside his door.  But by the September, Kibble was busy meeting his Norwegian supplier while a spokesperson attempted to plug the product on BBC WM radio.

This publicity drive prompted fresh controversy and further complaints to regulators. In March 2013, I eventually heard that Birmingham Trading Standards were dealing with it. On 2nd April 2014, the ASA upheld a complaint by Birmingham Trading Standards and placed Alcopal on the non-compliant list for the second time.

Although the company appears to have gone, the website remains, complete with irresponsible, misleading and unauthorised claims.

Customers are encouraged to:


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Is it still possible to buy Alcopal..?

If you have any new information about this company or this product, please do get in touch.

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One response to “Alcopal dissolved, but the website lingers

  1. Have received the four page leaflet in the post today from ‘Healthy for Life’ inside an unsolicited sales brochure from Easylife. I checked out your website and have contacted you to advise accordingly as it appears the leaflets are still in circulaton..

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