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Live Blood Analysis and the ASA: a catalogue of complaints

Live Blood Analysis (also known as “nutritional microscopy”) is a quack diagnostic technique which was described as ‘fraudulent’ by Professor Edzard Ernst as long ago as 2005 and which has already been covered many times on this blog.

When I first heard about Live Blood Analysis, I was so shocked by what I found that I was moved to act. Happily, the ASA had just extended their online remit to include company websites.

The following list details the outcomes of all the ASA complaints I know of concerning live blood analysis and its practitioners. Continue reading


Denton’s dirty tricks campaign

UPDATE 18/01/13: It appears that Denton has been paying people to sign a petition against me and Jo Brodie. A new Twitter account (@FightRacism2) has also been set up to promote this petition and to spread malicious untruths about us. For further details, see Jo’s Storify post hereThe RationalWiki entry for Errol Denton is also being kept updated with recent developments and new, relevant links.


Live blood quack Errol Denton seems to think Jo Brodie and I are being unfair to him. He claims we’ve been cyber bullying him for two years, purely because of the colour of his skin. We are lower than a cockroach’s belly, apparently.

Of course, Errol hasn’t substantiated any of these claims. Like many of the claims on his sites, they are totally without foundation. Continue reading

ASA not able to pursue all my Live Blood Analysis complaints… Hopefully compliance action across the sector to follow.

Finding out about Live Blood Analysis, a highly dubious procedure with similarly dubious practitioners was what gave me the impetus to start making complaints and blogging. I am now hopeful that the Advertising Standards Authority will reward my efforts with compliance action across the sector. Continue reading

Solar Health Ltd and the Advertising Standards Authority

As mentioned here, I complained to the ASA about Solar Health back in March, as part of a batch of complaints about practitioners of Live Blood Analysis. Solar Health also carry out a range of other ‘complementary therapies’ about which I believed they were also making misleading claims on their website. So I complained about those too.

The case has been ‘informally resolved’ today. I’ve just checked the Solar Health website and I’m pleased to report that  efficacy claims and references to serious medical conditions have vanished. There are still a couple of things on there I’m not sure about but I’ll leave it for now while they finish updating their website (it has only changed either today or yesterday) and see how it looks in a few weeks.

Live Blood Analysis, pleomorphism and the Advertising Standards Authority

I have been reading the websites of UK practitioners of Live Blood Analysis with increasing interest.

As explained on the Solar Health website, Live Blood Analysis is based on the theory of pleomorphism, as proposed by Günther Enderlein. He believed small harmless particles present in every animal or plant can, under certain circumstances, transform into larger pathogenic bacteria or fungi. In terms of modern day understanding of microbiology, this clearly makes no sense. Continue reading