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Dr Michael Dixon, Golden Duck nominee

Dr Mike ‘Dickie Bow’ Dixon is a rare beast – a GMC registered GP who spoke on national radio in support of the deeply unpopular NHS reforms.

There can be no doubt of his influence. He was voted number nine on Pulse’s list of the fifty most influential GPs – on the profession, the NHS and Government policy. One of the panel even described him as the “most skilled political operator in GP-land”. Continue reading


Charles, Prince of Wales, Golden Duck nominee

The Meddling Prince has long been an influential and enthusiastic supporter of alternative medicine.

In 1993, he founded the now disgraced and defunct Prince’s Foundation for Integrated Health, which lobbied for the inclusion of alternative medicines in the NHS (this has now been rebranded as the College of Medicine, though His Royal Highness no longer has any clear involvement). Continue reading

My Golden Duck nominees: an introduction

The 2012 Golden Duck from the Good Thinking Society is a lifetime achievement award open to British quacks of all disciplines – medical quackery, politics, business, TV and media and beyond.

After a couple of weeks mulling this over, I have been unable to settle on a single, favourite quack and have instead submitted a shortlist of eight. Continue reading