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An appalling ‘alkaline’ diet plug in the Mail on Sunday

Does your diet pass the acid test? Forget Dukan and Atkins — these days, the A-list way to a flat tummy is ‘eating alkaline’.

Whatever you do, don’t read it. It’s excruciating, wince inducing drivel from start to finish. It eventually winds up with a plug for the book Honestly Healthy: Eat With Your Body In Mind, The Alkaline Way by Vicki Edgson and Natasha Corrett.

Actually, the whole article seems to be a plug for that book.

I’ll pick a few quotes for you. Continue reading


The Alliance for Natural Health lay into ‘skeptics’… including me!

In a strange piece entitled Scepticism and the natural medicine skeptics: not even distantly related, the ANH laid into critics of what they call ‘natural medicine’, even going so far as suggesting we are guilty of intellectual fraud.

When the fruits of the skeptic movement are intellectual fraud, thuggery and empty character assassination, can society be expected to take the movement’s views seriously?

It was a very odd, confusing post. I think there are two possible explanations for it: Continue reading

MHRA warns arthritis sufferers about buying unlicensed arthritis treatment

The MHRA issued a warning last week about that notorious herbal scam, Arthroplex. You’ve probably already seen this news on the 21st Floor, in the Nursing Times or perhaps on the Huffington Post site. Maybe you’ve seen it somewhere else – it has certainly been widely reported.

Yet strangely, this person hasn’t…

I am astonished by the fact that none of the people complaining about this product seem to have tried taking it. More fool them! I have started a one month’s trial and after five days it seems to be doing everything that is claimed for it. If, after a month’s trial it does not work I can get my money back under the guarantee. Let the critics continue to suffer from arthritis pain. I am delighted to be pain free. I understand that the delay in delivery has been caused by thousands of users placing substantial orders afterf they have tried it for a month.

If like him, you’ve somehow found my blog without having seen any of those news reports, then please allow me to share the contents of that press releaseContinue reading

Bad advice from CANCERactive

I have some strong concerns about CANCERactive. I think some of the information on their website is inaccurate. Some is misleading. Some is dangerously irresponsible.

But who are CANCERactive?

In their own words,

CANCERactive is Britain´s Number 1 holistic cancer charity. (Some people call us an Integrative, or Integrated Cancer Charity).

They pride themselves on being the ‘Patient’s Champion’ and boast that they take no remuneration for the work that they do. They also point out that they

do not receive funds directly or indirectly from large corporations such as pharmaceutical companies, and so this site is truly independent with no vested interests and based on the research that is available, interpreted in a balanced way

They even claim to pride themselves on being evidence-based. Continue reading

Thyrosine Support Formula: more nonsense from Life Natural Cures

The latest leaflet from those notorious Arthroplex scammers turned up, quite aptly, among my junk mail earlier this week.

This time, they’re trying to tap into the lucrative weight loss market by convincing us all that we have underactive thyroid glands and that a seaweed supplement will be the answer to all our problems.

It’s an interesting study in pseudoscience and misguided logic. Continue reading