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Alcopal dissolved, but the website lingers

Alcopal claimed that their “clever little ingredient prevents alcohol being absorbed” and that their pills could help drink drivers beat breath tests.

Such irresponsible, misleading and unauthorised claims earned Alcopal two separate entries on the Advertising Standards Authority’s list of non-compliant advertisers. Complaints came from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) in 2012 and from Birmingham Trading Standards earlier this year.

Alcopal Limited was dissolved on 30th September 2014. Continue reading


Alcopal: irresponsible, implausible, almost certainly illegal

Alcopal is a reportedly legal pill which infuriated road safety campaigners last August. It was claimed that it could allow drivers to drink five pints of beer and still pass a breathalyser test.

The product is now back in the news but unfortunately it still hasn’t been made clear that the pills don’t work and are probably illegal. Continue reading