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An appalling ‘alkaline’ diet plug in the Mail on Sunday

Does your diet pass the acid test? Forget Dukan and Atkins — these days, the A-list way to a flat tummy is ‘eating alkaline’.

Whatever you do, don’t read it. It’s excruciating, wince inducing drivel from start to finish. It eventually winds up with a plug for the book Honestly Healthy: Eat With Your Body In Mind, The Alkaline Way by Vicki Edgson and Natasha Corrett.

Actually, the whole article seems to be a plug for that book.

I’ll pick a few quotes for you. Continue reading

Sunday Times promotes quack diet

The Sunday Times published an article yesterday promoting alkaline diets, in which, less than two weeks after the ASA pointed out his lack of credentials, they describe Robert Young as ‘Dr’ and even repeat some of his claims regarding his apparent ability to reverse cancer and diabetes. Continue reading