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Another bloody disgrace from Groupon!

Excuse my belligerent tone but I truly am appalled and frustrated that despite  numerous complaints, innocent members of the public are still being misled by Live Blood Analysts promoted by Groupon.

In addition to making misleading claims in his advertising, one practitioner, Errol Denton, has even – according to comments made online – been treating customers appallingly, resulting in a ‘mass refund’ from Groupon, as well as an adjudication by the Advertising Standards Authority against the original ad.

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Introducing the curious world of the Alkaline Diet and Live Blood Analysis

I am understating things when I say I’ve got a bee my bonnet about this.

In fact my drive to do something about it was, albeit indirectly, the reason this blog came into being. I have started writing complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority. I have been writing embarrassingly lengthy comments on forums where I had only previously lurked. I have been trying my hardest to think of what else I can do… Continue reading