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Italian government sponsors dubious clinical trial

UPDATE 19/10/13 The trial was halted before recruiting any patients.

The Italian government have agreed to oversee a €3 million stem cell trial. Sadly, the researcher is so dodgy he could give Stanislaw Burzynski a run for his money.

Davide Vannoni (who is not a doctor, but a psychology teacher) has developed his own brand of stem cell therapy which he claims can cure fatal and incurable illnesses. The cells are not manufactured according to safety standards and there is no published evidence that the therapy could ever be effective.

Well over a hundred people, including children, are due to participate in the trial. They have conditions including Parkinson’s, motor neurone disease and coma.

Last week, Nature reported that Vannoni’s trial method is based on flawed data. Their  investigation suggests that images used in a 2010 US patent application, on which the method is said to be based, are duplicated from previous, unrelated papers.

How many red flags is that so far?

There are more.

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