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My second ASA adjudication: Alkaline diet claims misleading and ‘Dr’ Robert O Young lacks credentials

My second full ASA adjudication was published almost two weeks ago while I was away on holiday. I may not have blogged it immediately but I was delighted by this result and am proud to have been behind it.

As the ASA point out, ‘Dr’ Young has no medical qualifications but holds a PhD. In fact his PhD came from the same defunct, non-accredited distance learning college as that of Gillian McKeith, who stopped using the title ‘Dr’ following an ASA complaint. Continue reading


University of Westminster, I still believe you are teaching pseudoscience degrees and am surprised your Life Sciences people think otherwise

In June, I emailed Professor Geoffrey Petts, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Westminster, in support of the Nightingale Collaboration’s Focus of the Month ‘Pseudo science by degrees‘.

He did not reply to me personally but sent this response to the Nightingale Collaboration. Since I was unimpressed by this and have now given up hope of receiving a personal reply from Professor Petts, I have emailed him the following: Continue reading

Dear Daily Mail, I don’t think cheese and meat are making our bodies dangerously acidic

UPDATE (17/07/11) I have not yet received a reply to the email below so I have just sent the following:

I am disappointed that I have still had no reply to the attached email (regarding How too much cheese and meat can make your body dangerously acidic published on 28th June).

As I have outlined below, I believe the article in question contained a number of inaccuracies. I therefore believe it was in breach of the Press Complaints Commission Editors’ Code (with respect to Accuracy). I plan to lodge an official complaint with the PCC if the matter is not resolved shortly.

I look forward to a reply from you over the next week or so.


Following my complaint about the Daily Mail’s recent alkaline diet article and her unsatisfactory reply, I have just (08/07/11) emailed the Daily Mail’s Good Health Editor with the following… Continue reading

Dear Daily Mail, it was irresponsible of you to promote ‘Dr’ Robert O Young’s wacky theory

I was made aware yesterday of an article in the Daily Mail entitled ‘How too much cheese and meat can make your body dangerously acidic’. I found this impossible to ignore and emailed the following to the author of the piece, copying in letters@dailymail.co.uk: Continue reading

The Guardian are finally set to resolve my complaint

Following my dissatisfaction at the way the Guardian have handled my complaint so far, I was planning to write to the PCC on Wednesday 29th June, copying in the Editor of the Guardian.

However Readers’ Editor Chris Elliott has finally returned from holiday and is looking set to resolve the situation: Continue reading

Guardian not speaking to me due to PCC Protocol. PCC contact away until 27th June. Offending article still online.

Following my latest complaint to the Guardian Readers’ Editor yesterday (regarding the way complaints about this had been handled), I have been told that because I had complained to the PCC, all correspondence must be via the PCC (due to PCC protocol): Continue reading

Dear Guardian, I want a clarification, correction and apology by this time next week

I have written the following email to reader@guardian.co.uk (and copied in other interested parties including letters@guardian.co.uk, lifeandstyle.editor@guardianunlimited.co.uk and g2feedback@guardian.co.uk):

I wrote last Wednesday (15th June) to complain about an article published in The Guardian on Monday 13th June entitled ‘The inside track on osteopathy’ (linked below). Continue reading