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Cancer quackery still available from Amazon

Amazon.co.uk recently came under fire for selling illegal quack products claimed to cure or treat cancer. These included apricot kernels, dried crocodile blood, a “blood purifier” to help destroy tumours and a homeopathic product said to target genes to arrest tumour growth.

The issue was originally blogged on 21st Floor and by me, here. It was subsequently reported in the Times, the Daily Mail and the Mirror. Professor David Colquhoun described the health claims as “grotesque”, noting the danger that people will believe the hucksters and thereby deny themselves effective treatment.

Those products have now been removed from the site but Amazon seem to have done nothing to tackle the overall problem.

The following are all currently listed on Amazon.co.uk: Continue reading

Bad advice from CANCERactive

I have some strong concerns about CANCERactive. I think some of the information on their website is inaccurate. Some is misleading. Some is dangerously irresponsible.

But who are CANCERactive?

In their own words,

CANCERactive is Britain´s Number 1 holistic cancer charity. (Some people call us an Integrative, or Integrated Cancer Charity).

They pride themselves on being the ‘Patient’s Champion’ and boast that they take no remuneration for the work that they do. They also point out that they

do not receive funds directly or indirectly from large corporations such as pharmaceutical companies, and so this site is truly independent with no vested interests and based on the research that is available, interpreted in a balanced way

They even claim to pride themselves on being evidence-based. Continue reading