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Food intolerance test sellers try to cash in from BDA’s fad diet list

I’ve just spotted this news and thought I’d post it here as an afterword to yesterday’s post on dodgy food allergy/intolerance tests.

The British Dietetic Association recently published their annual list of the Top 5 Celebrity Diets to Avoid in the New Year. They have now heard that some are using the surrounding publicity in an attempt to sell food allergy/intolerance tests. Continue reading

Wowcher promote useless hair analysis tests

Wowcher are promoting dodgy diagnostic tests that have no scientific basis.

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The ad relates to a bioresonance hair analysis test from BMT Food Tests.

Hair analysis is not a valid way of diagnosing coeliac disease or any kind of food allergy or intolerance. If you think you might have any of those conditions you should consult your GP who can refer you for tests.

The ad continues: Continue reading