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‘Dr’ Who?

A worrying number of alternative health practitioners, all absent from the GMC’s List of Registered Practitioners, continue to enhance their credibility by using the title ‘Dr’.

These ‘doctors’ often carry out unregulated clinical tests and treatments which lack robust evidence to support them. Indeed, many such procedures even lack a plausible mechanism of action.

Some practitioners believe they are able to cure cancer. Some offer to treat autism. Some diagnose ‘invisible illnesses’ not recognised by conventional medicine. In many cases, the tests and therapies provided are not only a waste of time and money, they could also be harmful to consumers. Continue reading

Advertising Standards Authority unveil their Hall of Shame

Yesterday, the Advertising Standards Authority inducted the first members into their Hall of Shame.

Their Misleading Online  Advertisers page (EDIT 04/02/12 now ‘Non-compliant’ online advertisers), tantalisingly online yet empty since the digital remit was extended this March, now lists four culprits – three of whom are in the Alternative Health sector. Two of these specialise in Reiki Healing – a form of ‘energy healing’ which, though some people find pleasant and relaxing, lacks plausibility and evidence of efficacy for any condition.

The four guilty parties are Samantha Pearce, Allan Sweeney, Life Healthcare (t/a Life Natural Cures) and Vistaprint. Continue reading