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Live blood quack Errol Denton handed court bill for £19,000

UPDATE 11/10/14 On 10th October 2014, Denton lost his appeal against his conviction. He said he is now bankrupt and has no means of paying the £7,000 in fines and costs. _______________________________ Live Blood Analysis quack Errol Denton was handed … Continue reading

Live Blood Analysis: no health claims allowed

Practitioners should not be making health claims for Live Blood Analysis. Not a single one. There is no evidence to support them. The UK Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) have published guidance on Live Blood Analysis, which advises CAP is … Continue reading

Live Blood Analysis and the ASA: a catalogue of complaints

Live Blood Analysis (also known as “nutritional microscopy”) is a quack diagnostic technique which was described as ‘fraudulent’ by Professor Edzard Ernst as long ago as 2005 and which has already been covered many times on this blog. When I … Continue reading

London Evening Standard promote live blood quackery

Yesterday’s Evening Standard featured an advertisement article promoting live blood analysis, in particular Katrin Hempel’s London Natural Therapies clinic. It begins… The last time I looked at anything under a microscope was at school, identifying the nucleus of a plant … Continue reading

Live Blood Analysis performed on BBC’s The One Show

Among the many incredible claims made by Errol Denton (subject of my first and third ASA adjudications as well as this older one blogged here) is that he has appeared on BBC1’s The One Show. Amazingly, this seems to be … Continue reading