The quack jewellers claiming to be from CERN

God Particle 4U claim to be part of a maintenance team working at CERN, making amazing, healing jewellery from old and worn out bits of the LHC.


They say if worn correctly, the pendants emit energy in a continuous and measured way and may be used to treat and prevent a wide range of medical problems. This includes migraine, skin conditions, phobias, depression and “sexual dysfunction”. Although they don’t claim to treat or prevent cancer, posts have appeared on a number of cancer support and alternative health forums suggesting that the products may be a useful treatment for prostate cancer.

Of course, God Particle 4U give no evidence that the products work for any medical condition. Nor do they give evidence the parts come from CERN.

They do indicate that some research has been carried out…

Samples from the parts exposed to the surge of energy which showed substantial evidence of having the God Particle were sent to the leading universities and research centers in the world.

But sadly…

The results of the researches are still censored. But there is an increasing assumption in the scientific community that in the future, when it becomes less expensive to produce the particle, it will completely change the face of modern medicine.

They don’t even give a name or address.

Another blogger, Skeptical Bear, emailed them and was told:

We think that our reasons for remaining anonymous are clear enough from what is written on our website, therefore we do not believe they need to be further explained.

Needless to say, they didn’t give Skeptical Bear any evidence to support their rather extraordinary health claims.

They did, however, deny ever posting comments regarding their products anywhere on the web.

I assume this is the kind of comment Skeptical Bear had been wondering about, posted on The Cancer Forums by a new registrant:

Hi, we just found out 2 month ago that my husband has prostate cancer and unfortunately it got discovered too late, the cancer already managed to spread to other parts of his body.
The doctors are still optimistic but he is going to have some very rough times.
I’ve read about this new thing called the god particle <link Removed>I read some forums and it seems that it helps people who have cancer.
Did anyone here hear about it or tried it?
I actually think i’m going to buy it for him anyway, because I’ve seen enough good reviews plus in a case like that, you feel so helpless and so weak, i’m not going to just watch him suffer without being able to do anything, it’s worth trying.

The same post also turns up on and Topix, and four times each on CancerCompass and

I think there’s something just a little bit mysterious about this.

I have been unable to find any other forum posts indicating that the product helps people who have cancer and have found hardly any good reviews. If these posts are genuine, I have no idea what forums she refers to, or where she saw the reviews.

On the other hand, I have no evidence anyone from God Particle 4U posted the comments. But they certainly work in mysterious ways.

UPDATE 17/09/13 18:24

I have had a reply from God Particle 4U. They were unable to provide any evidence to support their claims:

Thank you for your interest in our products.

We are currently not aware of our products’ ability to cure any kind of cancer, or any other diseases.
Researches in this field take a very long time and are not expected to be formally published any time soon, so unfortunately we can’t provide you with any.

The comments you can see on the internet forums are written by our customers, they are their own personal experiences and should be treated as such.

UPDATE 23/09/13

The website is now offline.

7 responses to “The quack jewellers claiming to be from CERN

  1. Friend of mine sells the exact same things on his hippie market stall. Gets them in bulk from Thailand for about 9p each.

  2. Hi Josephine,
    That’s exactly the type of comments I was finding on several forums 🙂
    What struck me was the number of them that were written in, almost, the exact same way.
    Keep up the good work 🙂

    All the best.
    Richard AKA The Skeptical Bear

    • Thanks. I heard about it last week and when I decided to blog it and started googling, I saw you’d got there first. I guessed you would have found pretty much the same forum posts I did.

      • The thing that interested, and worried, me was the lack of negative comments on any of the forums from anyone that ‘bought’ them.

        I was trying to find out if anyone had taken them up on the money back offer, but could not find anyone that had.

        This tends to indicate one of two possibilities :
        1) Everyone that has bought them are happy with their purchase.
        2) All the posts are fake.

        Of course there is always the possibility that the ones that have bought into it and found they were fraudulent were just to embarrassed to admit they fell for a scam, or it just got thrown in the back of a drawer with all the other things they had tried. It’s sad when these con artists pick on people that are at a low point in their lives.

        All the best.

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