Book Review: Everything You Need To Know To Help You Beat Cancer by Chris Woollams

This is billed as the most comprehensive anti-cancer book available, published by CANCERactive, a UK Registered Charity founded by the author, Chris Woollams. Their agreed aims are to inform and support cancer patients and to provide research into treatments.


Having read the book, I can tell you that it does the very opposite of this. It misinforms, misleads and gives dangerously bad advice. It recommends unmanageably restrictive diet and lifestyle choices. It undermines medical professionals and leading cancer charities, spreading fear and mistrust. It encourages cancer patients to devote precious time, money and energy to dubious treatments known to do more harm than good. Woollams provides no research whatsoever into treatments, but instead appears to simply cherry pick studies, interpreting them to suit his arguments. He gives no references, or indeed any details of these, making it impossible to learn anything from his ‘research’.

Prevention and causes of cancer

Cancer Research UK advise that three main ways to reduce the risk of cancer are avoiding smoking, eating healthily and limiting exposure to the sun. They have published clear, concise leaflets giving sensible, straightforward advice on healthy lifestyles and cancer prevention.

In contrast, Chris Woollams has written hundreds of pages of overblown, misleading and alarmist rubbish.

He believes the four main causes of cancer are poor diet, toxins, parasites and mental state. He thinks eating junk has a significant effect of the acidity of your whole body, pointing out that cancer patients have acid bodies. He writes with apparent authority that ‘lump or bump’ cancers are driven by oestrogen and that cancers of the blood or lymph are driven by chemical toxins. He claims that many people may be unknowing carriers of parasites, yeasts and viruses and advises we consult homeopaths with VEGA machines in order to get a diagnosis. He suggests that predominantly female ‘practical’ worriers develop a weakness in the second chakra which seems to be associated with a greater risk of colon cancer.

Woollams advises us to beware of mobile phones and WiFi. He believes you shouldn’t have a phone or computer in your bedroom. You shouldn’t sleep between lights (whether they are on or off). You shouldn’t live near pylons, satellite dishes, masts, factories, garage forecourts or main roads. You should avoid many plastics, toiletries and household cleaning products. You should avoid all cow’s dairy (but take multi-strain probiotics daily). You should avoid all refined and processed foods and all fats and oils (except olive oil).  You should  drink at least four cups of green tea a day and eat copious amounts of broccoli (steamed, not microwaved, or it loses its aura). You should only drink filtered water or mineral water and only from glass bottles. You should use ‘natural supplements’, boost your herbal intake and consider using sodium bicarbonate to keep the body alkaline. You should visit a cranial osteopath or acupuncturist once every three months, free your brain and learn to meditate. You should not put up with things that make you unhappy or depressed.

Woollams has such confidence in his own eccentric beliefs that he accuses the World Health Organisation of putting out misleading information for failing to focus on mental attitude as a cause of cancer. He accuses “the leading UK charity” of spreading mythology on colon cancer. He writes that respected cancer bodies and charities have been talking complete rubbish when it comes to the effect of sunshine as a cause of melanoma, that four out of five sun creams are toxic and could increase the risk of cancer, while also claiming that sun exposure can reduce levels of skin cancers.

It is irresponsible, dangerous nonsense that will confuse and frighten people.

Cancer treatment

It gets worse. Woollams advises patients to question everything their doctors tell them, to check everything they are told, to go on the internet. He spreads fear and doubt, while pointing the way to quackery.

Woollams gives lists of questions you should ask about your treatments and highlights risks and side effects associated with surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. He advises people to ask oncologists for evidence if they recommend some treatments and dismiss others. This scepticism does not extend to alternative treatments.

He advises that you should not rush into anything; that it is not all urgent. He believes that surgery may cause the cancer to spread and suggests that mastectomies may cause spread and relapse. He suggests that if you have breast cancer, you should visit a homeopath to determine if chlamydia is involved, assuring readers that homeopaths will have nosodes to help eradicate it. He mentions a nurse who refused chemotherapy for liver cancer and instead consulted a nutritionist who told her she had a bad yeast infection and was cured with anti-fungal drugs. According to Woollams, the unnamed nurse then persuaded doctors on a child leukaemia ward to give the same treatment to the patients there.

Woollams gives ringing endorsements of seemingly each and every alternative cancer treatment, with numerous errors, omissions and misunderstandings along the way, while all the time undermining experts. He recommends mistletoe injections to improve the success of radiotherapy and to clear away ‘toxic debris’. He notes that oncologists advise against high doses of antioxidant supplements during conventional treatment but then goes on to recommend them anyway. He believes that iridology, reflexology and VEGA testing are valid diagnostic techniques.

Cancer patients are advised to follow an alkaline diet and to consider a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate in warm water every morning. They are recommended an exhaustive list of supplements including medicinal mushrooms, astragalus, curcumin and vitamin D but are advised to check any drug proposed by oncologists on the internet.

Alternative cancer treatments recommended by Woollams include juice fasting, coffee enemas, ketogenic diets, Gerson Therapy, the Gonzalez diet and pancreatic enzymes, intravenous vitamin C and antineoplastons.

Expensive, unproven and harmful treatments which almost certainly do more harm than good but which people will cling to with false hope.

Errors, contradiction and spin

The book is riddled with mistakes and misunderstandings. To give an example, Woollams writes that every current patient of Dr Burzynski is part of a phase III clinical trial. In fact many Burzynski patients are not in trials at all, and no phase III trial has ever begun.

Like Burzynski apologists, Woollams implies that his critics have hidden motives and are not to be trusted. He writes that there are people who have tried to silence him but their agenda is obvious. He adds that such people “may write blogs usually detailing errors, which are, in fact, nonsense”. He does not name any of these individuals, nor does he address any of the issues raised by bloggers (me, for example, here).

Woollams is not qualified to give medical advice, yet seems to consider himself better qualified than doctors and leading cancer charities.

The book opens with an Important Notice, pointing out:

The author is neither a fully qualified health practitioner nor a doctor of medicine, and so is not qualified to give any advice on medical matters. Cancer (and its related illnesses) is a very serious and very individual disease. Readers must consult with experts and specialists in the appropriate medical field before taking, or refraining from taking any action.

Yet Woollams gives medical advice while sneering at doctors. He suggests that experts and specialists don’t know the facts and reputable cancer charities are actively covering up the truth because of vested interests. People are “dying of ignorance”.

According to the blurb, Woollams read biochemistry at Oxford University, where he specialised in cancer research – yet his writing demonstrates an almost total lack of knowledge or comprehension of even the very basics. His scientific illiteracy is evident on every page, from minor things like abbreviating grams to “gms”, to the kind of embarrassing misunderstandings and mistakes typical of quacks: the idea that chlorophyll oxygenates the blood; that wild animals don’t get cancer; that you need to ‘alkalise’ for good health; that the stomach needs to be alkaline to digest carbohydrate… Woollams doesn’t even seem to know what a carbohydrate is. He recommends a low carbohydrate diet then later suggests polysaccharides may play a positive role in medicine and lists several foods in which polysaccharides can be found. He also stresses several times that glucose “feeds cancer cells” without seeming to grasp that it feeds the other cells too.

Having looked at the CANCERactive website and having written about Woollams before, I did not have high expectations of this book. But it is far worse than I could have imagined.

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1,176 responses to “Book Review: Everything You Need To Know To Help You Beat Cancer by Chris Woollams


    A conspiracy theory? Yes, probably, because no one here has the capacity to realise otherwise.
    (btw, the above was put together by your gods, the pharmaceutical industry)
    Realised they’re lying to you yet? When you all learn how to read their information and don’t rely on them explain what it means – you might all get a clue?

  2. ‘Michele’, why won’t you tell us your (real) full name?

    • Lee, if you want to know my name so badly, take the time to look back and find it when I openly told someone around the time all of you told me I was going to die. I think you’ll find it is you and your friends who have to hide behind fake names.
      I’ve exposed you all now for the fakes you are.
      That’s all I needed to do.
      If I’ve helped just one person do some research then I’ve done something good.
      Goodbye fakes.

      • melanie wheatland

        Just how have you “exposed” anyone Michele lol. There are no fake people on here, I don’t even think your fake Michele I think you are just deluded and it’s quite sad that you are in the position you are. All you have done by reposting on here Michele is to confirm to everyone that you can not cure cancer by things like burning your breast with some black gunk or vit D or any other alternative rubbish. readers now know by you telling us that your cancer is everywhere that your alternative claims are just drivel and your conspiracy theories are the same. If readers do research then that is what they will find.

      • Ah, come on… over a thousand comments a year ago; save me the time and just provide it, eh? By the way, I never told you you were going to die. And I blog/comment under my own name. If you are going to label people here ‘fakes’, then can you not be a bit more forensic about it – otherwise, you cannot be surprised if people do not take you seriously.

    • Feel free to check this out everyone who is able to think for themselves. Chances are it won’t be approved though – unless of course we’re playing reverse psychology on you lot lol – knowing full well you won’t bother to research – cognitive dissonance I believe they call it? I’d call this an ‘exposure’ wouldn’t you? But they keep deleting it before you get a chance to see it. I think I’ve touched a nerve lol.


      Big pharma doesn’t only sponsor patient groups to lobby on its behalf.

      Powerbase (, which monitors corporate lobbying and the payment of spin-doctors, has drawn up a database of all groups and ‘charities’ that seek to influence the political agenda on behalf of their sponsors.

      High on its list is the lobby group Sense About Science, created in 2002 by Simon Singh, Dr Michael Fitzpatrick and Liberal peer Dick Taverne.

      It’s agenda includes the support of genetically modified (GM) food, the mobile-phone industry (another sponsor) and the pharmaceutical industry, including attacks on alternative medicine and its practitioners. As Powerbase ponders, can any utterance from Sense About Science be trusted when its task is to promote the agenda of its sponsors?

      Sense about Science and Simon Singh have also been lobbying to have WDDTY banned from the shelves; they and Singh’s camp followers – including Guy Chapman and ‘Josephine Jones’, a pseudonym for Mike and Laura Thomason – have written emails of protest to stores.

      To their discredit, Tesco barred the title, only to reinstate it after they received thousands of emails from supporters of free speech, most of whom were genuine Tesco shoppers who said they would boycott the stores.

      WHSmith, the nations newsagents, has also banned WDDTY, and a similar campaign is now underway.

  3. I think Michele has gone completely delusional…..

    • Your friend Melanie thinks it’s sad that I was bright enough to refuse treatment and I’m ok now? I wouldn’t say that’s sad, would you? I’d say it’s sad when people allow doctors to poison them?
      I’d say it’s sad that NO ONE EVER who has had ‘treatment’ will EVER BE CANCER FREE. (you need to stop lying to people or do some research if you really are that stupid that you’ve been preaching without research?)

      Rather than be bitter that people are now curing their cancer, why not be DECENT HUMAN BEINGS and be happy for them? Problem is though guys, you won’t get commission out of the real cure like you do with your propaganda blogs. sorry about that.

      Hey, who knew that Marie Curie DIED from APLASTIC ANAEMIA (lukaemia) CAUSED by radiation?
      …….and what’s the treatment for childhood lukaemia? Oh yeah.

      ……….and you actually BELIEVE you’re bright? How long haven’t you been able to work it out for?……….and in the meantime, how many children have you helped to kill? Consciences are a funny thing. Either you have one or you don’t. In which case, the chances are that you’re a psychopath.
      They don’t like to be exposed do you?……….I mean, they.

      Anyway, this isn’t for your benefit – people with your personality type are irrelevent – this is to actually help and guide people. Unlike the people giving out FALSE advice here, I actually DO CARE ABOUT PEOPLE. I also believe people should have a choice, in which case anyone would have to be a stark raving lunatic to choose being poisoned over being well.
      Just such a shame that some people here and doctors are trained in NLP (many without realising it due to not being too bright) and are ‘persuading’ people to choose a certain treatment over others, by LYING TO THEM about the case studies and trials.
      CHEMOTHERAPY HAS A 2-3% SUCCESS RATE. Anything other is a lie.


        Michele you are not ok now you have stage 4 cancer. Lawrence is not my friend lol I don’t know him at all.

  4. melanie wheatland

    Michele I’m not a friend of Lawrence!! I don’t know him. I actually think it’s sad that you were NOT bright enough to have treatment maybe you wouldn’t be stage 4 if you had. Michele you are not “ok now” you have cancer everywhere!! I think that’s far from ok.

  5. melanie wheatland

    Michele many stage 4 BC patients go shopping on their own lol. I’ve seen a very similar story to yours except the BC patient didn’t have the choice of chemo as it wasn’t around at the time of her diagnosis. That person was my mother she was diagnosed in 1972 with a very large tumour after ignoring it for a few years. The cancer first spread to her bones but she was able to carry on quite normally for ages then it spread to her liver and still she carried on with day to day life. it wasn’t until the last year of her life that she really went down hill. She died of secondary BC in 1979 a month before her 7 year anniversary from being diagnosed . So Michele it is not unusual for a stage 4 BC patient to carry on with a relatively normal life for a time. Cancer will not die on it’s own it will continue to spread and kill. If, as you claim Michele that cancer dies on it’s own and it’s the treatment that kills then why did my mother and millions of others who didn’t have treatment die from their cancer??

    It’s laughable really that you are still promoting this clap trap even now at stage 4. Yes you are still alive Michele but as you say with cancer everywhere, you have not cured or stopped your cancer from spreading, but still you are so deluded by all the you tube conspiracy rubbish and claims by quack idiots that you are sure you can outsmart cancer all by yourself. Well I’m sorry that you have now got to the point of no return, it’s a great shame.

  6. Given that I have multiple friends and acquaintances who are still around today, Cancer-free, from modern medical treatments – even a decade or more later, I’d say that current Cancer treatments are pretty darn good.

    Again, michele is displaying signs of dementia and delusions – probably a sign that the Cancer may have spread to her brain. How unfortunate.

    • melanie wheatland

      That’s what happens once you get well and truly sucked in and brainwashed with all the quackary and conspiracy theories. I know of someone from a cancer forum with stage4 BC who started off looking into dietary changes and ended up well and truly conned out of thousands of pounds by going to China for something called Next Generation PDT for a liver tumour. She posted raving about it and saying how she will never have chemo again. Just over a year later she was posting again saying that she had a procedure done and they found over 30 tumours in her liver and outside, but she still claimed that the NGPDT kept her stable for over a year!!! 30 tumours, I don’t think it did lol, but she was convinced. She went back on chemo but then discovered cannabis oil, Again she raved about the oil saying her markers were dropping so she stopped the chemo and just used the oil she said her markers were near normal and she was nearly cancer free. She refused scans!!. But now she is taking part in a Cancer Research trial for a new drug and claims that she had to stop the oil to take part in the trial. She will still defend the NGPDT even though it’s clear it did nothing. And when asked why take part in a Cancer Research trial if she is nearly cancer free due to the oil. She didn’t answer.

      • Obviously you don’t realise that if she was taking cannabis oil, our govt and the US govt decided in the 70’s, just after they found out it cured cancer, to make it illegal.
        I know people who have had to stop taking it for that reason. Another reason can be money. Not everyone is able to grow their own supply. Ask her again in a few months time – she’ll be back on that cannabis oil. If it’s medicinal, the correct strain and not hybrid, it will help her, as long as she hasn’t caused it to be resistant with cancer causing treatments such as chemo and radiation.
        There will be no trials or studies – it’s been estimated it will cost 100 MILLION pounds and usually a drug company would pay for their own trials, hence dangerous drugs end up on the market. This can’t be patented without being changed at a molecular level so there will be no return on it in it’s natural state.
        The saddest part of the figure they came up with is because it would cost NOTHING to trial it.
        No hospital is needed
        No drugs are needed once the oil is started (people have usually been told they are terminal so they come off medication which is usually what has been keeping them sick)
        No sterile environment needed
        No risk of MRSA (due to no hospital needed)
        People worldwide would keep records free of charge.
        The alternative medicine world is so not like you think it is.
        Do you know how many alternative doctors who don’t even know me, have given me their time? My GP gave me 10 minutes over 5yrs ago. Do you know how many have even DONATED to me and others to help out? Do you know how many FREE treatments I’ve had?
        In alternative treatment (which actually should be called ‘traditional’ because it was here first, but hey, you believe it wasn’t) doctors and practitioners uphold their oath to DO NO HARM.

        Such a shame GP’s don’t. Although they are quite good at trying to edit notes and records when they’ve cocked up. I’m sure most of you will know that – apparently it’s legal, I know someone who found out the hard way after the hospital killed her mother.

        Anyway, I really don’t care for a conversation with any of you here, but hopefully, others will now know they have a chance, even if they’ve been told they’re going to die.

      • melanie wheatland

        Michele you are very wrong research is being done into cannabinoids .
        Michele I don’t care for your lack of knowledge about cancer or what you find and choose to believe on you tube. I don’t care that you think in your weird mind that charities like Cancer Research and all Oncologists and DR’s and governments are all keeping the cure a secret and it’s all a big conspiracy. post as much crap as you like. I doubt anyone who would be naive enough to be taken in by your mad way of thinking is reading anyway , it is only those of us who asked to be notified of new comments who are reading your drivel.

        You….Diagnosed with BC 2009. No treatment only alternative then stage 4 2014…I rest my case.

  7. Such a shame to see a terminal individual reduced to the ravings of a lunatic….my heart goes out to her family.

  8. Don’t take anyones word for anything,check it out. Open up a google page and type the names in – you’ll be amazed what comes up.
    Or how about using a search engine that is NOT google to get even better UNCENSORED results? 😉
    As I keep telling everyone here – these people are being paid to do what they do. Even mildly retarded people must be able to work out that they wouldn’t be able to spend the hours here they do otherwise.
    Have a little think. I’m not the horrible person THEY want you to think I am.
    I actually care about life.


    Big pharma doesn’t only sponsor patient groups to lobby on its behalf.

    Powerbase (, which monitors corporate lobbying and the payment of spin-doctors, has drawn up a database of all groups and ‘charities’ that seek to influence the political agenda on behalf of their sponsors.

    High on its list is the lobby group Sense About Science, created in 2002 by Simon Singh, Dr Michael Fitzpatrick and Liberal peer Dick Taverne.

    It’s agenda includes the support of genetically modified (GM) food, the mobile-phone industry (another sponsor) and the pharmaceutical industry, including attacks on alternative medicine and its practitioners. As Powerbase ponders, can any utterance from Sense About Science be trusted when its task is to promote the agenda of its sponsors?

    Sense about Science and Simon Singh have also been lobbying to have WDDTY banned from the shelves; they and Singh’s camp followers – including Guy Chapman and ‘Josephine Jones’, a pseudonym for Mike and Laura Thomason – have written emails of protest to stores.

    To their discredit, Tesco barred the title, only to reinstate it after they received thousands of emails from supporters of free speech, most of whom were genuine Tesco shoppers who said they would boycott the stores.

    WHSmith, the nations newsagents, has also banned WDDTY, and a similar campaign is now underway.

    • Hi Michele,

      I’m curious. Since you’ve made it abundantly clear what you think of everyone on this thread (evil closed-minded idiots whose opinions you don’t care about, etc), why are you back on here? Especially since all you’re doing is retreading the ground you’ve covered countless times already?

      What’s in it for you?



    • You just can’t help yourself, can you… ‘Michele’? You write ‘Goodbye fakes’, but you keep coming back with your slanderous accusations. What fakery have you exposed? Who, specifically, do you claim is in the pay of the pharmaceutical industry? (I can assure you I’m not.) Please openly (ie, under your full real name) provide specific examples, rather than your imprecise, broadbrush, frothing harpie-esque approach. You repeatedly claim research through Youtube, them lambast as stupid those here who do not accept such as evidence – because it is not. And now you really scrape the barrel by citing WDDTY, echoing its conspiracy theory-mongering anti-(medical)science with corruption of the definition of free expression (which, by the way, you have apparently been permitted here repeatedly) – which does not equate with freedom to mislead.

      But, if you believe what you write here, tell me, are you also into astrology, ‘psychics’, tarot cards, crystals? All that positivity vibe thing? Then surely, for your own good, you ought to avoid the ‘negativity’ you encounter here. So, say ‘Goodbye’… and mean it.

    • melanie wheatland

      “There is a very good reason that doctors do not tell you the things in this magazine – because it is nonsense, quackery, conspiratorial rubbish designed to sell vitamin pills and other useless treatments.”

      Michele your PCT is shinning through lol. I’m sure that JJ has stated that that is not her true name. Sorry but you failed again Michele 🙂

      • The vitamin pills in the shops are useless I agree. That was the aim behind codex alumintarius. Their total aim is to ban all vitamins as your scientific friends believe we no longer need them, only pharmaceuticals. There is a documentary called the idiot cycle. As much as that sounds insulting, it wasn’t meant to be, that’s the name of it.
        I don’t suppose you’ll watch it because you still haven’t fallen in that Marie curie died of lukaemia CAUSED by radiation. What do they treat childhood lukaemia with? Radiation? and they wonder why most die? The ones left are usually sterile. Strange how REAL IV vitamin C is proving to cure (yep, I dare to say cure because I know natural treatments can cure) lukaemia and even better, it’s impossible to overdose. (another reason why they want to ban it and have you thinking it’s useless)
        This is also a very good (pharmaceutical actually) substitute if you can’t get your hands on IV because it’s buffered so doesn’t cause stomach upsets even in high doses.
        I’m tellng you this because although you are very naive, I can see you’re a trusting person and when this trust backfires on you and modern ‘medicine’ can no longer do anything for you, you’ll be glad you listened. I hope you do store this in the back of your mind for the day you’re going to need it. BTW – everyone will need it soon considering GM technology is taking over and it has now been CONFIRMED that processed foods cause cancer without a doubt.
        You don’t have to say that’s a lie, just use a search engine other than the censored ‘google’ and you’ll see much more than you would otherwise 😉
        your doctor probably won’t know about this, although your doctor has been trained to believe we no longer need supplements because they are in our food. Wrong. Over the next few years, that will become apparent.
        This is a good way of taking amounts needed for IV. Do remember that humans don’t produce vitamin C like animals do daily.
        i sometimes wonder why my doctor doesnt know about things like Vit C and D3 which are essential to our health.

        I totally get that you think I’m talking rubbish – and obviously no one here can see me so you have no idea of my good health now. (and no surgery means no disability)
        It really doesn’t matter to me whether any one believes me, it really doesn’t. What does matter to me though is the fact that so many people would let their loved ones die an awful death RATHER THAN use anything alternative. So what’s going to happen to you lot when you all get to the point where doctors can’t do anything more for you?
        I’ll tell you what will happen – if you value your lives or if you love your children and don’t want to leave them, then you will look for alternatives which work.
        Save this for future reference. Please don’t be so stupid to think it’s never going to affect you. It’s a depopulation agenda, it has to be, there’s no other excuse for them to have been using cancer CAUSING medicine to try to ‘cure’ it. You also might care to look back in history and see that cannabis pills (yeah, i know, quackery according to you) used to be sold over the counter. In 1900 the cancer rates were 3%. It’s estimated that it will soon be 50%. I’d say we’re ‘losing’ not winning the war on cancer wouldn’t you?
        ……………and the silliest thing is, someone here is going to defend those figures without even researching and people like you will believe it.

        I’m finding it hard to believe that you’ve actually watched that video I posted ages ago here where the man has got the DEATH RATTLE and they substitute his morphine for real medicine and then he wakes up a couple of days later? The doctors had said he was in his final hours and his body was shutting down. Why do you find it so hard to watch something that proves these people to be the liars they are? If you did have the sense to watch, you’d see I’m not the evil person or the nutter they’re making me out to be – I mean – isn’t the sort of person who ENCOURAGES a child to be radiated KNOWING it causes cancer – the bad one? I’d prefer to treat children with nutrients to build their bodies, not try to poison them. …………..tell me what doctor can save a patient once the death rattle sets in? oh yeah, none – they prefer to speed up the death.

        you won’t save this because I don’t think you’re able to think for yourself but here goes anyway.

        I so hope someone with common sense looks at all this – and here’s the video showing someone with HOURS to live, coming back to life. Your doctor – and these people here, will say it’s not possible or it’s a trick. They have to, their wageslip depends on it. How low can you get to do that?
        I repeat, don’t dismiss this, you never know when you’re going to need it – it’s real – I know the grand daughter of the man in the video.

        Do a search for ‘people walking out of hospice due to cannabis oil’ and various things like that and then ask yourself why it’s being hidden from you and made illegal. Please get a clue Melanie?

      • melanie wheatland

        Oh Michele (sigh) I’m really not interested.

      • I know, but you might be one day. The cancer rates are expected to rise to 50% very soon. That’s 1 in 2 people. all I can do is hope you save a link to this page. Take care x
        and do yourself a favour regarding ebola. This is an official document stating very clearly that colloidal silver, an alternative treatment, at 10ppm, CURES ebola. However, the likes of you and I aren’t supposed to have ever come across this document – which is official btw. I’ll leave you all to work it out if you can. (aren’t you suspicious why the us govt are keeping the natural cures a secret? probably not)
        If you still can’t see through the scams to push pharmaceuticals, even after this, well.

        Why do I care? Because unlike alot of people, I care about the future of our children. My children, your children, everyones children. It’s a shame to see what our generation is leaving them. Nothing. Except pharmaceuticals. Mostly untested pharmaceuticals with the companies having 100% impunity from any problems, including death, as a result of use. No I’m not joking. But if you all think thats ok, there is no hope for your children.

      • melanie wheatland

        Pmsl. Go away.

  9. I’d suggest you find a cloth and clean it up. I wouldn’t brag about having such a weak bladder love x you’ll need the info soon, bye x

    • After reviewing that PowerPoint, I can only come to the conclusion that are are completely and utterly delusional (probably from end-stage Cancer) and have no actual idea what they were presenting…

      • I would suggest people IGNORE the previous comment and check it out. The people in control obviously aren’t as clever as they’d like to think they are because they ‘forgot’ to remove this document until ‘after’ they’d released the man made ebola bioweapon from their Sierra Leone Bioweapons labororatory. Oh, you didn’t know?
        Ignore the retards here who either have no clue of reality or they’re lying. It’s that simple. It must be one of the two.

        I hope people look back at the ‘caring’ attitude of these ‘people’ here and work out for themselves what ‘caring’ individuals they are.

        All I have to do now is nothing. You have all exposed yourselves for what you are.

        Anyone looking for a cure for cancer or any other illness? Look to these people and they’ll fill you up with radiation but use your common sense and you’ll see you don’t have to poison yourself. Pyschopathic types of personality will want you to do that though – because they are the lowest of the low and enjoy seeing people suffer as the people here also clearly do in case anyone hasn’t worked it out.

        To expose a pscyhopath or even a group of them, all you have to do is talk openly in a group such as this – and they expose themselves AS SOON as they speak. I’m just going to hope that people in the future viewing this can see through you all as easily as I and many other people have. Obviously you’ve got some little followers here and there but you’ll lose them soon now that you’re being exposed.

        I hope you’re treated with every radiation and chemo treatment that you’ve helped to push on every other human. …..and I hope they double the dose for you as you love it so much.

        take care – you’ll be sterile btw – but it’s better that people like you don’t breed anywayx

  10. melanie wheatland

    “Anyone looking for a cure for cancer or any other illness? Look to these people and they’ll fill you up with radiation but use your common sense and you’ll see you don’t have to poison yourself.”

    Just like you used your common sense Michele and ended up stage 4 with cancer everywhere….what a great idea lol.

    Michele when / if people read this all they will see is a troubled PCT (paranoid conspiracy theorist) with stage 4 cancer everywhere (because she refused conventional treatment) who promotes alternative treatments even though none of these alternative treatments has cured her cancer.

    You’v really out done yourself with your last post Michele. It’s truly unbelievably bonkers. Big well done to you lol.

    • Just wow…..funny that people cry “conspiracy” about information that is publically available online.

      I mean seriously, worldwide conspiracy and they leave the incriminating documents just lying around?

      As to the success of conventional treatments, I know have several friends who are now either in complete remission or Cancer-free because of them.

      They will be around long after Michele has passed, to be certain.

    • I ended up with stage 4 cancer BECAUSE the treatment I needed was illegal love. When I got it I no longer had the stage 4 cancer. Oh, just went shopping and I’m driving now, glad you’re pleased for me. Aerobics next week. Shame I can’t show you the MRI which said I had it THROUGHOUT my SPINE.
      Sadly, EVERY other person you and I know with stage 4 cancer is DEAD.

      But yes, you’re right, I haven’t got a clue what I’m talking about. Facts mean nothing in your world do they?.

      There’s a little clue to this. When someone SURVIVES stage 4 cancer and no one else does, it means their ‘medication’ actually worked 😉
      At this point, a ‘normal’ thinking person would wonder therefore, if it’s so effective, then why would they ban it? Oh, might be because it would put too many corporations out of business. hemp – paper, cars, houses, food, drinks, clothing, medicine (for most illnesses) – think of the trillions of trillions of pounds and dollars that would be lost by them each week!
      You lot would always deny that and yet I’m sure some of you are bright enough to know so I’ll assume you’re being paid to do what you do. For those who didn’t know, then look it up and see how many large corporations would go under if even ONE of the cures for cancer was legalised properly.

      This is ridiculous – I’m telling you stuff that little kids even know nowadays and you still act stupid. ^ research the above if you have half a brain. Don’t if you don’t.
      How clever are you going to make yourselves look if you deny the fact that hemp can be used for all those things and more. The first ford car made by henry ford was a hemp car. In america, during the war, people were fined for NOT growing it because it was so useful…………and then came along the petrochemical industry which the people here are supporting because they are being employed at some level to do so.
      (sssshhhhh ^^^ that’s the clue to why they want all natural products banned)

  11. melanie wheatland

    You seem a little angry Michele lol. Stress is not so good especially in your situation, you really should go and focus on what future you have. I really shouldn’t reply to you Michele, but can’t help myself lol.
    We established about a thousand posts ago that you are not only a PCT but also a liar, you tripped yourself up many times. Remember granny? she was one time lol.

    Your last post is full of so many flaws Michele, it’s a joke, any sensible rational person can see you for the foolish deluded person that you are.

    Very clever though ( but also very dangerous) of you to write a post on here whilst driving at 2.19 AM lol.

    Actually Michele not every other person I know with stage 4 are dead many are actually alive over 5 years after mets diagnosed some stable and some even NED thanks to chemo, rads or hormone therapy.

    I can understand your regret at not choosing conventional medicine Michele and how it must upset you to see that others are well with no cancer thanks to chemo, rads, It’s so sad to think that conventional treatment could of been curable for you or even if you did go on to get mets that it could be controlled. Oh well no use crying over spilt milk er.

    • Well? After surgery, radation, chemo and drugs?

      …..well because they’re still alive with no quality of life once diagnosed as stage 4? (hint – grey skin and no hair ‘isn’t well)

      wow- you really are stupid. You know radiation will NEVER leave the body once put there and causes radiation resistant cancer? Obviously not.
      Please don’t reply – the amazing thing is you are seriously laughing at me and your friends are laughing at your stupidity. I’ve never tripped myself up ever my dear, you see, it’s impossible to do so when you’re tellng the truth.
      Don’t forget your vaccine when the news tells you it will prevent ebola 😉 – have two for good measure 😉

      • This thread has degenerated into something entirely unpleasant. What’s the point of it? I don’t want to leave because it’s been really interesting in the past, and it may become so again, but this perpetual sneering and name-calling is vile.

      • melanie wheatland

        Actually I have 2 friends living with stage 4 BC and they have a very good quality of life and you would never know they had terminal BC.

        I doubt very much that people are laughing at me Michele, they are probably annoyed that I keep replying to your pathetic posts.

        So I shall go and leave you in your deluded world :/

  12. Wow Michele, I’ll show your comments to my friend who just completed a half-marathon this weekend with her Cancer survivors group….I have a feeling they’ll get a good laugh.

  13. Yes you do that, we both know that very few, if any, were stage 4, but you carry on in your little world. (as its your friend I do hope that you’ve been totally honest with them and explained to them that as they’ve now subjected themselves to treatment with mustard gas, they will never regain their health? – has their hair grown back yet so that it ‘appears’ that they’re well?)

    Please also explain to them why they’re not ‘cured’ but are on the ‘survivors’ list? (do you even know?)

    I have good news – but sadly it’s bad news for people like you.

    The NHS are now being FORCED to begin to tell the truth. I need say nothing more here at all now. I’ll let it all speak for itself – this is something you and your friends really didn’t want to see isn’t it?

    Bye bye looks like the good guys are winning but by all means, if you want to dose yourselves up on your ‘life saving’ radiation and chemo, then you go for it – have an extra dose from me 😉 –

    (in the real world, that also means they were LYING) 😉 😉 😉

    Youlll work it out one day – hopefully BEFORE a family member dies at their hands 😉

    Please read that one above dear Melanie – because you actually think I’m a bad person when all I’ve been doing all along is stating facts. You are CHOOSING not to see the evidence. This is why they love people like you – you’re easy to get onside ha ha – and yes, its a game to them x
    You won’t read it – it’s called cognitive dissonance. (look that up 😉 )

    Of course, the above shows that they’ve always been OPEN about the truth doesn’t it?

    Ok this is how it works.
    1.A drug company wants to make money out of a product but it can’t because it’s a natural product.
    2.They try to ‘change’ it at a molecular level so that they can patent it.
    3. Once the changes have been made and it can be patented, it NEVER seems to be as effective as in its natural state.
    4. They make the original ‘natural’ product illegal to ensure ‘nothing’ works as well as their new ‘gm natural product’.
    5. They spend decades trying to make their modified version as good as the original natural product and constantly fail.
    6. Eventually, they manage to make Sativa, a painkiller which ISN’T as effective as a couple of drops of cannabis oil in a spray bottle of vodka!
    (I know this first hand)
    7. The drug company gets lots and lots of grants to help them put THEIR own drug through trials, conducted by themselves. (hint – this is why the trials are always a success, it doesn’t matter if they’re dangerous)
    8. They earn 100 BILLION POUNDS in revenue from their ‘self tested drugs’.
    9. It emerges that the drug in question has caused deaths and illness in a certain amount of people, say 100,000 people.
    10. They go to court and in total the drug company gets fined lets say £60 million which has to be distributed between the families.
    11. Now guess who gets to KEEP the previous profits, even though they’ve caused death? …………….and they’re STILL getting away with the lie that cannabis doesn’t cure cancer……..while they’re desperately trying to modify the plant to make sure it doesnt’…………….

    Get a clue and don’t reply.

    I just NEEDED to show the above newspaper article – I wont hold my breath though, too many corrupt people like you lot in the industry.

    • How about honest statistics from the quack Cancer people?

      And my friends are doing just fine Michele. They have a full marathon scheduled for next month and they will be doing a series of triathlons next year…

  14. Why are you all being so mean to each other? Everyone is entitled to their beliefs. I’m actually disgusted at some of the things you have said. The reason I came across this page was through a search for Chris’ book, and it bought me to this bad review. How you, Lawrence, can make comments about someone passing is beyond me. You disgusting people. Grow up.

  15. @katie – I don’t seem to remember making any comments about people passing, just comments about how many of my friends who had Cancer are alive and well today (and doing marathons) because of conventional Cancer treatments.

  16. Thanks. Your review has sold me on the book! Although the natural remedies seem extensive and costly at least they’re healing and not totally destructive as are oncologists’ toxic “remedies”, which may provide a few extra months of life but often regrettable, torturous ones, whilst the administers of such misery are laughing all the way to the bank, with their multiplied thousands per session. I’d rather feel fantastic for the remainder of my God-given time, personally, even if I can only implement some of the dietary and lifestyle changes.

    • Heather said:

      totally destructive as are oncologists’ toxic “remedies”, which may provide a few extra months of life but often regrettable, torturous ones, whilst the administers of such misery are laughing all the way to the bank, with their multiplied thousands per session.

      You mean the oncologists and treatments that have given us a 10-year survival rate as much as 98% for some cancers (eg testicular cancer) and overall, a greater than 50% 10-year survival rate? Perhaps you could give the same figures for your so-called ‘natural remedies’?

  17. I bought the orange cover one from you loaned it out and dont have it now.My friend has radiation sickness.What do you recommend.hes slurred speech and walking weakness as brain tumour got it partly removed been on the natural treatments.
    Thankyou Daphne

    • I’m sorry, I think you must mistakenly posted this here, I do not sell the book. I am sorry to hear about your friend. I am not in a position to offer medical advice, I can only suggest that he speaks to his doctor.

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