Live Blood Analysis and the ASA: a catalogue of complaints

Live Blood Analysis (also known as “nutritional microscopy”) is a quack diagnostic technique which was described as ‘fraudulent’ by Professor Edzard Ernst as long ago as 2005 and which has already been covered many times on this blog.

When I first heard about Live Blood Analysis, I was so shocked by what I found that I was moved to act. Happily, the ASA had just extended their online remit to include company websites.

The following list details the outcomes of all the ASA complaints I know of concerning live blood analysis and its practitioners.


  • Live Blood Test (Errol Denton). Adjudication against a leaflet here (13/10/10). Blogpost by complainant, Jo Brodie here.
  • Fitalifestyle (t/a See My Cells) (Errol Denton). Adjudication against false claims for liquid chlorophyll here (01/06/11). Blogged here.
  • My CityDeal Ltd (t/a GrouponUK). This was regarding a promotion for Errol Denton’s Live Blood Test. Adjudication here. Blogged here. I also reported further Groupon deals for other practitioners which also made misleading claims regarding live blood analysis. These were passed to the ASA’s compliance team. Groupon were later referred to the OFT due to broader, ongoing compliance problems.
  • Optimum Health UK. Adjudication here. Optimum Health UK no longer advertise live blood analysis on their website.
  • Fitalifestyle (t/a See My Cells) (Errol Denton). Adjudication against claims for “nutritional microscopy” here. Blogged here and here
  • *NEW* The Natural Health Clinic (Stephen Ferguson) Adjudication here (16/01/13). Blogged here.
  • *NEW* Live Blood Test t/a Errol Denton Adjudication here (27/02/13). Reported here.
  • *NEW* Steps To Perfect Health (David Parker) Adjudication here (06/03/13). Blogged here. UPDATE 14/02/14 The Steps To Perfect Health website has been suspended.
  • *NEW* Live Blood Test t/a Errol Denton Adjudication here (24/04/13).

Non-compliant online advertisers

The following advertisers continued to make problematic claims on their websites despite repeated requests for changes by the ASA’s compliance teams.

  • Fitalifestyle Ltd (t/a See My Cells) (Errol Denton). Following the ruling mentioned above, Denton moved his ludicrous claims regarding liquid chlorophyll to a different page of the same website. The ASA statement relating to this is here. My blogpost is here.
  • London Natural Therapies (Katrin Hempel). Following a credulous Evening Standard article on live blood analysis (which was blogged here), Jo Brodie complained to the ASA about the website of the featured practitioner. The ASA statement is here. Jo’s blogpost is here.
  • *NEW* The Natural Health Clinic (Stephen Ferguson). Ferguson was added to the list on 15/02/13 for failure to comply with the ruling mentioned above (16/01/13). The ASA statement is here. UPDATE 13/02/14: The Natural Health Clinic website has been updated and the company name is no longer listed as non-compliant. UPDATE 05/06/14 Ferguson is still making problematic claims on his website (for example, in an embedded video, he claims “you can see whether your liver is cleansing your red blood cells properly”.)
  • *NEW* Live Blood Test t/a Errol Denton Denton was added to the list on 12/03/13 for continuing to feature problematic claims on his website after the adjudication dated 27/02/13. The ASA statement is here.
  • *NEW* Steps To Perfect Health (David Parker) This advertiser was added to the list on 25/03/13 for failure to amend their website following the adjudication dated 06/03/13. The ASA statement is here. UPDATE 14/02/14 The Steps To Perfect Health website has been suspended. The company are no longer on the non-compliant list.

Informally resolved

These advertisers all agreed to amend their advertising after I reported them to the ASA.

  • Jackie Reader (t/a Solar Health). Resolved 06/05/11. Blogged here. The website is still online. UPDATE 05/06/14 Although the specific claims I had highlighted have gone, it still appears to be problematic.
  • Inhealth UK (Brina Eidelson) Resolved 15/06/11. Mentioned on my blog here. The website is still online. UPDATE 05/06/14 Although the specific claims I had highlighted have gone, it still appears to be problematic.
  • Dipika Joshi (Good Medicine Clinic) Resolved 20/07/11. The website is no longer active. UPDATE 05/06/14 The site is back online, claiming that live blood analysis can be “used to evaluate nutritional, biochemical, or physiological imbalance and to determine any need for medical referral.”
  • UK Blood Clinic Resolved 03/08/11. Blogged here. The website is no longer active.
  • Ruth Daber Resolved 17/08/11. UPDATE 05/06/14 The website has been updated and has improved, but still implies that live blood analysis is a useful test (“We will complete the session with summarising most dominant blood patterns and the most relevant actions that I would take, if it was my blood that was being viewed. These may include dietary, supplementary, therapeutic and lifestyle pointers.”
  • Steps To Perfect Health Resolved 25/05/11 (as mentioned here) after agreeing to remove problematic claims from this website. UPDATE 14/02/14 The Steps To Perfect Health website has been suspended.
  • Steps To Perfect Health Despite assurances, the misleading claims were not removed. A second complaint was informally resolved on 07/09/11. UPDATE 14/02/14 The Steps To Perfect Health website has been suspended.
  • *NEW* Marianne Greenwood t/a Alchemy Microscopy. Ms Greenwood assured the ASA that she has taken down the Alchemy Microscopy website. She was directed to CAP for advice regarding future advertising claims. Resolved 27/02/13. UPDATE 05/06/14 Live blood analysis by Ms Greenwood is advertised on the Live Energized site alongside problematic claims.

Unresolved complaints

The ASA shelved some of my complaints against live blood analysts due to their overwhelming workload immediately following the online remit extension.

The unresolved complaints related to the following companies:

  • Live Blood Test (Errol Denton) The website is here. My posts tagged “Errol Denton” are all here.
  • The Natural Health Clinic (Stephen Ferguson) The website is here. My posts tagged “Stephen Ferguson” are here.
  • Food for Life (Gareth Edwards) The website is here. Details of my complaint are here.

I will update this post as outcomes of further complaints come to light.

Further reading

A new era of scientific discovery? Edzard Ernst, The Guardian, 12/07/05

Live Blood Analysis: The Modern Auguries Mark Crislip, Science-Based Medicine, 13/02/09

Radio 4 You & Yours investigate unregulated ‘live’ blood tests Josephine Jones 17/03/12

The Pseudoscience of Live Blood Cell Analysis Thomas Patterson, Skeptical Inquirer, Nov-Dec 2012

Live Blood Analysis Wikipedia entry

All my posts tagged ‘Live Blood Analysis’ Josephine Jones

15 responses to “Live Blood Analysis and the ASA: a catalogue of complaints

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  2. Brina Eidelson’s site mentions that there’s an intention to set up an Association for Live Blood Microscopists

    I was also surprised to see this comment “It puts microscopy in a bad light as we’ve learned to our cost with a client complaining recently to a Radio 4 programme.”


    • Yes, it would seem that Eidelson is trying to distance herself from from some of the other live blood quacks.

      It is my feeling that all live blood analysts are peddling the same kind of quackery (they are, or were, making similar claims on their sites, based on similar pseudoscience). The difference is that some are willing to comply with the ASA whereas others are not.

      I wonder if the Association will ever get off the ground. It could be an interesting development.

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  4. sebastianarmstrong

    I note that MR Denton is now saying he is not a medical doctor, well I don’;t think he has any other right to call himself a doctor, espedially not a Dr with regqrd to being a Live blood specialist (no doctorate for that as it is nonsense), or a natural helath doctor (as health is what real doctors deal with). As far as I can see his biography says he studied TCM, but not that he even finished a degree in it, let alone a doctorate of any sort. It looks like he is giving himself a title he has no right to, to deliberately imply medical knowledge. What a complete scumbag. For completeness Errol, if you read this you have no medical knowledge and sell over priced supplements off the back of a BS test that has absolutely no medical validity. You know this to be the case, but this is your way of getting the money and adulation you think that you deserve after spending too long listening to Tony Robbins, scamming people about their health is what scumbags do, your actions mark you out as a complete lowlife scam artist.

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  6. Optimum Health UK *is* still advertising live blood analysis on its website, though not obviously linked from the front page. References are made on the page about wedding health & beauty (, price list ( and the main page is

  7. Hi Josephine,
    May I congratulate you on your efforts in bringing to the attention of the public, the clinics and individuals who are performing live blood analysis and non mainstream techniques of assessment.
    May I ask what qualifies you to make such judgement’s?
    Have you ever had Live blood analysis yourself?

  8. Thank you!

    The ASA are making the judgements, not me. However, it is blatantly obvious to anyone with even the most basic understanding of human physiology that many of the claims made by live blood analysts are misleading and unsubstantiated. It is also clear that the theory live blood analysis is based upon is utterly ridiculous.

    I’m afraid I’ve never had live blood analysis. It might be an enlightening experience but sadly, I can’t justify the expense.

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  10. What a witch hunt this seems to be!? whoever can say that medicine and Drs do not make ludicrous claims …but may have every good intention at heart, I would know I’ve been poisoned by it several times. Can’t tell anything about health when looking at live blood- common sense tells me it is very probable. I will add that I attended Brina ( there was a nurse there too who was also giving this credit and she was there for treatment). Anyway we were concerned about my white blood cells and guess what it was accurate!, I was called back to my G.P when she verified they were very low or not viable!!! I am subsequently very interested in going into this realm, I have been helped in a chronic health condition with holistic health far more then with conventional!! Stop your poisonous vendetta against all practitioners of this debatably helpful facet of many regarding part of our overall health.

    • It’s not debatable, it’s nonsense. Happy to continue reporting misleading claims if I come across any, not a vendetta, not poisonous.
      Jo (Brodie, not Jones)

  11. Your claim that this is all nonsense especially without any experience or real knowledge or even a willingness to look into the many cases that this modality has helped and motivated is dangerous and downright bias. My blood analysis led me to my G.P for a verified result!!!
    Whilst I may accept that some people whether conventional Doctors or integrative can bring their profession into disrepute , from what I can see on your website you seem to have a vendetta. This is because You are not listening to anything but your own judgemental perception based on well not even experience as you admit. Does that seem fair…or perhaps…..NONSENSE! Perhaps you might want to reconsider whether you can use your energy and resources towards helping humanity in a more possitive way. It just looks like you are hell bent on bringing disrepute anywhere you can for those who are using this modality. And demeaning language as far as I see it!! This is clearly helping others -just as it most certainly helped me! Do you hear that!! (I doubt it, seems your minds already made up) . End of. I won’t look at you site again because I have said all I need here hopefully it will empower others to do more research and not simply believe someone who has not even tried this or had the fortune to be seen by a reputable practitioner of which there are many one bad apple don’t spoil the whole bunch n all that. .

  12. This isn’t my site and I’ve not used demeaning language so if your reply was directed at me it’s a bit confusing, there are at least two different people called ‘Jo’ here. I’ve been looking into live blood analysis for five and a half years now and it continues to be utter nonsense.

    I’m delighted you were pointed to a GP, though I wonder what made you go and see a live blood analysis practitioner in the first place (rather than a GP).

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