Denton’s dirty tricks campaign continues

UPDATE 18/01/13: It appears that Denton has been paying people to sign a petition against me and Jo Brodie. A new Twitter account (@FightRacism2) has also been set up to promote this petition and to spread malicious untruths about us. For further details, see Jo’s Storify post hereThe RationalWiki entry for Errol Denton is also being kept updated with recent developments and new, relevant links.


Since my last post on Errol Denton, it was beginning to look like he had perhaps had second thoughts about his hateful, unfounded smear campaign.

There is no current petition against me and Jo Brodie. The apparently anti-racist Facebook group against us has disappeared. The photographs of Jo have gone from Errol’s ‘Black Microscopist’ page. And he hasn’t written a blogpost against us since the 18th of November.

Instead, Errol seems to have been trying his hand at comedy. He has suggested we should all be ‘eliminating’ 5ft of faeces a day (if not, you’d better get a colonic!), he’s conjured up images of gorillas blowing their noses and he has claimed that the bacteria (yes, bacteria) that cause colds live in the colon. Perhaps it isn’t coughs and sneezes that spread diseases, but farting.

But Denton’s latest post (warning of the Sugar Peril) had a sting in the tail:

It has been discovered that buying a pro account with WordPress protects it from being deactivated.  A series of complaint reports will merely trigger WordPress’ automatic spam filter and temporarily suspend the account.  However once this trigger is used and WordPress realises it is a pro paid account it will be reactivated like the terminator and no amount of complaints or any reports will ever deactivate that account again.  Hence the terminator account has now been formed it never quits until the job is done.  It will be back to terminate RACIST bloggers. A STORM is coming Stay tuned!  The sequel 1,2,3,4,5,6,7-1000000……………

I’m not a lawyer but I understand that deliberately making unfounded and hateful allegations against someone in order to smear their name could be considered libellous. I also understand that announcing that you plan to ‘terminate’ people could be considered threatening.

This isn’t over yet.

7 responses to “Denton’s dirty tricks campaign continues

  1. Hi JJ, 40 years of study by the British Govenment’s common cold unit failed to prove the contagian theory of flu, they could only make 3/32 people ‘catch it’ in lab RCT’s. Simple Simon believes in flu woo, why on earth do you think your position is rational or relevent to my health or anyone elses.

    Your idea that somehow you are protecting numb public is not born out by your results, if WHS have told you to piss off maybe they have a point and you don’t.

  2. What a really strange comment. For a start the common cold and flu (influenza) are not the same thing. It should not be unnecessary to state that the (viral) causes of influenza are incredibly well known. (Don’t take my word for it, see, for example, what the WHO have to say

    As for the common cold, “About a quarter of all colds are still without proven cause …” [The Lancet, Volume 361, Issue 9351, Pages 51 – 59, 4 January 2003 doi:10.1016/S0140-6736(03)12162-9]. So, around three quarters have known causes, nicely summarised here:

    “◦Rhinovirus 30-50%
    ◦Coronavirus 10-15%
    ◦Respiratory Syncytial Virus 10%
    ◦Adenovirus <5%
    ◦Parainfluenza 5%
    ◦Influenza 5-15%
    ◦Enteroviruses <5%
    ◦Metapneumovirus unknown
    ◦Unknown 20-30%"

    Not sure what this has to do with the subject of the post – a rather unpleasant campaign by a live blood analysis quack – but I'd be interested to see any credible peer-reviewed evidence from lol to support the implication that flu is not caused by a (viral) contagion.

    • That link you put in to the WHO is not up to speed with the research. It has left out the 96 season Cochraine review on the flu jab which showed that the evidence for it’s efficacy is implausible at best. Roche lost all the data on the Tamiflu handed out during that last scamdemic when asked to provide it for the BMJ so that a post event audit could be done on effectiveness.

      The idea that the most effective way to prevent flu is vaccines and antivirals has no EBM to back it up, I would be interested to see your credible peer reviewed evidence to support the theory that viruses cause colds and flu. Random CDC theories or pubmed supposition is not what I mean.

  3. sebastianarmstrong

    He is a complete moron, and any of his clients reading his latest missives surely realise he is a complete quack.

    “Did you know that there is a simple test that can prevent disease?”

    A test diagnoses (although Errol’s doesn’t as it is psuedoscientific nonsense) it does not prevent anything.

    Apparently colds are not viruses, yet some are virulent? He is a complete joke. He needs to be stopped from giving any medical advice (including givign fake diagnostic tests (LBA) ) it is plainly wrong.

  4. Marc Stephens Is Insane

    Hi JJ,

    I’m not in the UK so I’m not 100% sure of the regulations but isn’t Denton’s blog post from two days ago in violation of your Cancer Act? Are blogs subject to the Cancer Act, like advertising? He’s coming right out and saying he can cure cancer here:

    And why is he allowed to call himself a physician? Isn’t that also regulated?

    Thanks and keep up the good work on your side of the pond. We’re doing what we can in North America.

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