Colon quacks sue WordPress

UPDATE (01/03/13) Automattic (WordPress) defended themselves against Zenyth Pharmaceuticals. The motion was denied. The blogger has been posting updates here.


WordPress may not appreciate my writing this but I’m going to do it anyway.

The makers of this questionable colon cleansing product are now suing WordPress after failing to silence a Romanian blogger who had basically pointed out that they were making unsubstantiated claims.

The original ColonHelp post was published last July and provoked an angry comment from Zenyth Pharmaceuticals, who demanded 100,000 Euros for damage to their reputation.

Rather than silencing criticism, this simply generated more posts and Zenyth eventually decided to sue WordPress. In doing so, they also helpfully translated the posts into English (see here, here and here), meaning they can now be read by a much wider audience.

Rather than addressing the scientific arguments and engaging in honest debate, they are simply trying to stop criticism. This is a typical quack response.

And if the original post wasn’t enough to convince you that colon cleansing is pseudoscientific quackery, there are there links to further articles here.

Should anyone wish to join me on a ColonHelp Streisand list, please send links and I’ll post them below.

And if WordPress have a problem with this post, I would be quite happy to set up another blog elsewhere, just for ColonHelp.


Last updated 02/03/13 11:00

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16 responses to “Colon quacks sue WordPress

  1. Thank you for helping out! Hope more and more follow.
    Just a small correction, they were not able to ban anything!
    My post is still there in Romanian it’s the third result in Google queries after “colon help” and it’s probably eating into their sales a bit (at least that’s what they claim).
    Since I’m not part of the suit I can’t do anything, legally, except draw attention to their tactics.

  2. I blogged about this too – here:
    I’d like to believe this would be a non-issue in any civilized country because, y’know, free speech and all that. Not so much in Romania, though. Sometimes, I really hate our legal system.

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  7. Hello there! I’m very happy to help as much as I can in this battle, even if the post is in Romanian only. I’m also very glad that there are so many people fighting for this cause. I never did like pseudoscience and even more now that they threaten with legal actions everyone that critics them. Best of luck and let’s make them be sorry.

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  9. I do love how by filing the suit they drew even more attention to themselves by translating the original post…

  10. Thank you for taking an interest in this news story from my country. What this company is trying to do is just bully somebody into shutting up and, even though we may not have the best freedom of speech laws in our country, we must still show solidarity and the ability to stand up for ourselves and our community of skeptics. So thank you again!

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