My Golden Duck nominees: an introduction

The 2012 Golden Duck from the Good Thinking Society is a lifetime achievement award open to British quacks of all disciplines – medical quackery, politics, business, TV and media and beyond.

After a couple of weeks mulling this over, I have been unable to settle on a single, favourite quack and have instead submitted a shortlist of eight.

This decision was not taken lightly: every one of these individuals is more than worthy of the honour. They have not only supported or practised pseudoscience in a ludicrous, dangerous, irrational or irresponsible manner; they have also been able to exert considerable influence over the public.

The nominees are…

Their career highlights are to be summarised in a series of Golden Duck posts. Just click on the names to see how each quack earned a nomination.

Biggest losers

Many high achieving quacks just missed a place on the shortlist. I had to draw the line somewhere, after all.

I think the following ‘second division’ quacks all deserve a mention here – for reasons which will hopefully be obvious, should you follow the links.

(UPDATE 19/09/12: I have written a new post on the politicians who narrowly escaped nomination.)

Though I ultimately decided against nominating any of them, several organisations also sprang to mind. These included regulatory bodies such as the CNHC and the British Chiropractic Association; purveyors of high street quackery such as Dr & Herbs, Boots, and Holland & Barrett. And the Green Party.

And I’m sure there are some I’ve forgotten.

Should you wish to nominate any of these yourself, just click here and complete the form. You have until October 1st.

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