Dr Michael Dixon, Golden Duck nominee

Dr Mike ‘Dickie Bow’ Dixon is a rare beast – a GMC registered GP who spoke on national radio in support of the deeply unpopular NHS reforms.

There can be no doubt of his influence. He was voted number nine on Pulse’s list of the fifty most influential GPs – on the profession, the NHS and Government policy. One of the panel even described him as the “most skilled political operator in GP-land”.

Dixon is the chair of the NHS Alliance and of the misleadingly named College of Medicine (successor to the disgraced and defunct Prince’s Foundation for Integrated Health, of which Dixon was medical director).

Whether or not Dixon personally believes in quackery, he certainly endorses it. As Edzard Ernst points out here, the rebranded College of Medicine continues to promote unproven and disproven treatments, including homeopathy, qigong, reflexology and aromatherapy.

The NHS Alliance is basically a lobby group for alternative medicine  – and has been labelled as such by Professors Edzard Ernst and David Colquhoun.

As if this isn’t enough, Dixon is also a medical advisor to the highly dubious charity, Yes to Life. Like CANCERactive, the Yes to Life website serves as a veritable encyclopaedia of alternative cancer treatments, from antineoplastons to zeolites.

Full information on the Golden Duck award is available on the Good Thinking Society website. My list of nominees is here.


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