ITV’s Daybreak describe Dr Hilary Jones’ comments on Burzynski as ‘studiously neutral’

I disagree.

As I said in my original complaint, his comments were misleading, irresponsible and misinformed.

The full reply is below.

Thank you for your recent emails and we apologise for the delay in getting back to you.

During the interview on 21st December, we feel that Dr Hilary remained studiously neutral in presenting the treatment offered at the clinic. He was, as you mention, very forthright with explaining that the treatment was highly controversial.

Whilst pointing to the reservations over this treatment and taking into account libel law, we were very open about the controversy. We are sure you will also appreciate that Dr Jones had to take account of the fact that Chiane was sitting next to him.

By highlighting this experimental treatment and by saying that it is considered to be controversial, we hope that any family considering this as an option will make investigations with their practitioner here and across the internet so that they can make an informed choice as to whether this is an option for them to consider.

We appreciate you raising your concerns over this treatment and we will of course bring the production team and Dr Hilary up to date on your feedback on this topic. Dr Hilary will be keeping a watch over the Chiane’s progress and it may well be a topic we return to in due course.

We appreciate you bringing your concerns to our attention and once again we apologise for the delay in responding.


7 responses to “ITV’s Daybreak describe Dr Hilary Jones’ comments on Burzynski as ‘studiously neutral’

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  2. It seems that what they’re saying is that Hilary Jones wasn’t really in a position to give the truth about the clinic because it might have been upsetting for Chiane. That’s probably a fair point, but it then begs the question of why the actual fuck they thought that they’d used an appropriate format to cover the story?

    Also sounds like they were being careful not to say anything nasty about Burzynski in case he sued them. For a major national news outlet to be in a position where they’re not prepared to expose wrongdoing in case the wrongdoers sue them is utterly scandalous.

    • They seemed to have missed this bit of my email:

      “I found it distasteful, shocking and unnecessary that Chiane herself – a very poorly five-year-old girl, had to sit and listen to such a discussion about her predicament – which under the circumstances was never going to be open and objective.”

      Despite their apparent fear of legal action, (as I also pointed out in my email) they did to their credit actually mention that the treatment is controversial, that it is not recognised by the US authorities and that Burzynski has been tried with fraud.

      It’s as if they didn’t actually read what I’d written.

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  6. Jonathan Vickers

    I see that the ever resourseful Dr Hilary Jones is now flogging
    US stairlifts. I suggest the man is becoming as shabby as that
    disgusting Vordeman woman (whose greed allowed her to flog
    loans to the poor at usury rates of interest). What a disappointing
    trajectory for a once trusted figure. Still .. money rules –fuck integrity

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