Fitalifestyle added to ASA Hall of Shame

Less than two weeks after publishing a fourth adjudication against them, the Advertising Standards Authority have added Errol Denton’s Fitalifestyle (t/a See My Cells and Live Blood Test) to their list of non-compliant online advertisers.

Denton earned his place in this Hall of Shame with a very ill-judged response to this adjudication, which concerned some ludicrous claims about chlorophyll. He duly deleted the claims from this page of the See My Cells site, only for them later to appear here below an ‘OFFICIALLY PROVEN PHOTO TAKEN FROM NASA WEBSITE!!!’

Since I had made the original complaint (and written about it here), when I found Denton was not complying with the adjudication, I emailed the ASA immediately. They wrote back to inform me that the matter had been passed on to their compliance team.

Perhaps Denton is so convinced he’s right about chlorophyll that he feels unfairly victimised by the ASA?

He seems very keen to assert that his NASA photo gives some kind of ‘official’ proof. He also appears to be rather proud of his credentials in pseudoscience, boasting that he was ‘trained in the new biology by Dr Robert Young‘. ‘Dr’ Young obtained his PhD from the same defunct, non-accredited distance learning college as Gillian McKeith. You may remember that McKeith dropped the title ‘Dr’ following an ASA complaint and that she shares similar misguided views on chlorophyll.

If Denton has learnt from Young it’s hardly surprising that he gets things wrong sometimes.

Let us examine the claims in more detail…

“Chlorophyll is the most potent blood cleanser and deodorizer”

As a biologist, I find it very hard to read this without laughing and almost impossible to work out what on earth he means. I expect it relates to the ridiculous notion that a so called ‘acidic’ diet makes you smelly (as discussed by ‘Dr’ Young here) or perhaps some similar nonsense about ‘toxins‘ in the blood.

Does he think chlorophyll is absorbed, undigested, into the blood..? Perhaps, like Young, he believes that chlorophyll injected into the bloodstream is readily converted into blood within the body and that all the good attributed to blood transfusions is possible with liquid chlorophyll.

I can only speculate.

“Liquid Chlorophyll has the identical chemical structure to haemoglobin in blood. The only difference being the central atom in blood being iron and Chlorophyll’s central atom being magnesium”

It seems that Mr Denton has not properly looked at the diagrams he (presumably) obtained here, which quite clearly differ in rather more than just the central atom. Similarly, he seems not to realise that the diagrams are incomplete. Most notably, the ‘hemoglobin’ diagram shows just the ‘heme’ group. While chlorophyll and haem are clearly similar (they are both porphyrin pigments), they are patently not identical. Denton’s misunderstandings are sadly not unusual and in fact have already been discussed here.

“Everyone should consume at least 20ml per day to ensure perfect health”

This is quite obviously not the case but you can see why it’s tempting for Denton to choose to believe such claims. If you were to follow his advice, you’d be buying a £40 bottle every 3 – 4 weeks.

What happens next..?

Will Denton now amend the See My Cells website to comply with the chlorophyll adjudication? Will he also remove the problematic claims highlighted in his last adjudication? If he doesn’t do this, what sanctions will the ASA impose?

I will report back as matters unfold.


7 responses to “Fitalifestyle added to ASA Hall of Shame

  1. Since Young claims the stomach produces sodium bicarbonate to digest food, the chlorophyll stunt seems to show about the same grasp of basic biology.


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