Live Blood Analysis performed on BBC’s The One Show

Among the many incredible claims made by Errol Denton (subject of my first and third ASA adjudications as well as this older one blogged here) is that he has appeared on BBC1’s The One Show.

Amazingly, this seems to be true. He appears on the clip below (dated 8/5/09), from just after 3 minutes in, where he analyses the blood of presenter Michael Mosley in order to establish whether a two week cold shower regime has benefited Mosley’s immune system.

According to Denton, this would be demonstrated by an increase in the numbers and activity of white blood cells. He assesses this by simply looking at a tiny sample of blood under his microscope before and after the two weeks. He concludes that Mosley’s blood sample following the shower regime shows ‘more activity’ of white blood cells, though Mosley points out that ‘a real boost to my immune system would have also seen their numbers rise’.

EDIT 25/10/11 The clip has been taken off YouTube but is still visible on the Live Blood Test site here. This may be a result of  concerns raised to The One Show about Denton using his TV appearance to enhance his credibility.

EDIT 09/11/12 The clip now seems to have been taken down from the Live Blood Test site.

This is of course not an accurate method of doing a white blood cell (WBC) count.

Furthermore, the immune system is far more complex than Denton implies or probably realises. I’m not sure exactly what is meant by a ‘boost’ to the immune system but an obvious short term increase in the WBC count, rather than indicating such a thing, would typically be a sign of infection.

There is more information on blood testing and WBC counts here and here.

4 responses to “Live Blood Analysis performed on BBC’s The One Show

  1. Drug pusher

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  3. Errol Denton now has a total of FOUR ASA adjudications against his advertising after the latest was published today, regarding some claims for nutritional microscopy which appear on the See My Cells FAQ page (

    This adjudication can be read in full on the ASA website here:

    Jo Brodie, the original complainant, wrote about it on her blog here:

  4. Fitalifestyle (Errol Denton’s company) also appear on the ASA’s list of Misleading Online Advertisers for failing to comply with the adjudication related to claims made about liquid chlorophyll.

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