The Department of Health confirm that colloidal silver is NOT permitted in food supplements

Following the MHRA’s confirmation that it is illegal to market colloidal silver as a medicine, the Department of Health emailed today to let me know that it is not permitted in food supplements either:

Thank you for your email of 7 June about colloidal silver. I have been asked to reply.

The Department of Health can confirm colloidal silver is not permitted as a nutrient source in food supplements.

The only vitamins and minerals that may be added to supplements are those listed in the Annex to the European Commission (EC) Directive 2002/46/EC. These are nutrient sources that have been fully assessed for safety by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and adopted in European Union legislation by the EC.

Colloidal silver was one of a large number of substances submitted to the EFSA for assessment under the Food Supplements Directive. The EFSA opinion on 1 April 2008 stated that there was insufficient information in the dossier to make an assessment of safety or the bioavailability of this nutrient, therefore this nutrient was not added to the list of permitted vitamins and minerals.

Therefore, further to the guidance you received from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency on products containing colloidal silver that are marketed as medicines, you should also contact your local authority’s Trading Standards department to investigate the sale of any food product or food supplement containing colloidal silver. Local authority trading standards services protect consumers and honest traders by ensuring that trade is carried out lawfully, fairly and safely. You can find the contact details of your local service by clicking on the following link:

then clicking on the ‘trading standards officers’ option.

I hope this reply is helpful.

This means I should contact Trading Standards officers if I come across colloidal silver either marketed as a medicine OR as an ingredient in any food or food supplement.

It is difficult for me to see how it can legally be sold in the UK at all.


3 responses to “The Department of Health confirm that colloidal silver is NOT permitted in food supplements

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  2. … It is also difficult for me to witness how so many can swallow a lie whatever the government spits out…

    Properly manufactured Colloidal Silver cannot cause any harm to anyone´s health when taking the suggested amounts.
    Whatever the health risks being told are another form of large silver compounds which was used a long time ago in extreme dosages.

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