My first ASA adjudication: chlorophyll possibly not ‘the most potent blood deodorizer’ after all

It’s been over two months since I first started complaining about advertising for Live Blood Analysis. My efforts have finally borne fruit with my FIRST FULL ADJUDICATION. It was regarding a site run by Errol Denton – he who first got me started with all this.

My complaint was purely about some laughable statements regarding Liquid Chlorophyll:

Liquid chlorophyll is the most potent blood cleanser and deodorizer. Liquid Chlorophyll has the identical chemical structure to haemoglobin in blood. The only difference being the central atom in blood being iron and Chlorophyll’s central atom being magnesium. Chlorophyll is made by the process of photosynthesis and is essential to life. Chlorophyll in liquid form is essential to creating healthy alkaline blood. Everyone should consume at least 20ml per day to ensure perfect health.

As far as the rest of the See My Cells site was concerned, I didn’t know where to begin – needless to say, it has since been roundly Fishbarrelled (and not only by me). What seems to be his main site –, has also been reported to the ASA.

It’s great to finally see this particular pseudoscientific claptrap up there under the official ASA banner. It’s also worth noting they concluded he was making medicinal claims about an unlicensed product. This could have been (and possibly still is…) worthy of MHRA attention.

I have serious concerns about Denton’s activities and about Live Blood Analysis in general. As someone who is generally sceptical of alternative health claims (and until early this year, not particularly interested in them), I hadn’t heard of LBA until this March, when I heard a ‘friend of a friend’ had undergone the procedure. At the time, it may have seemed reasonable to assume that the practice is not well known and has limited appeal. But then I learnt that Errol had sold almost 3000 deals via Groupon (as I write, it says ‘2828 bought’ although intriguingly when I first saw this and made my ASA complaint, it was 2997!) I then heard from a Groupon customer, via this blog, that once he gets a customer to his ‘clinic’, he may then be giving very worrying advice regarding certain serious health conditions and implying they can be prevented or cured by buying his supplements and (predictably) undergoing a further consultation.

It gets worse: as shocking as Denton is, his prominence in my mind and on my blog is due mainly to his prominence on Google. Do your own search and see all the hits you get. If you have time, please do this search using Google Chrome with FishBarrel activated.

Following this personal landmark adjudication, it’s been brought to my attention that there are other sites making similar claims about chlorophyll. A distraction for me, but one I can’t ignore. Again – perfect for FishBarrel.

As preposterous as Denton’s chlorophyll claims may have been, the neighbouring adjudications are, and I hate to say it – at least as worthy of your attention. I don’t have time to blog in detail so may I direct your attention to Hollywood Violence, Celebrity Gossip, an MMS adjudication (#bleachgate background here), an iPad like device estimated to reduce hospital admissions by over 90%, the Mr Fakole Serious African international medium and a great long list of 65 informally resolved complaints including some osteopaths, some holistics, various others I haven’t got round to Googling and an Anti Snoring Ring.

14 responses to “My first ASA adjudication: chlorophyll possibly not ‘the most potent blood deodorizer’ after all

  1. Congratulations! A fine adjudication.

  2. First of many, I hope!

  3. Very nice, well done 🙂
    I’m going to put in a complaint for this website’s iridology claims now and will let you know how it goes.

  4. Thanks for the support – I appreciate it. I can’t take all the credit though – the fact this went to adjudication is down to him ignoring the ASA. If he’d only agreed to remove the claims it would have been informally resolved.

    Jo – hope the iridology complaint goes smoothly. I finally seem to be making some progress with my other complaints against this practitioner’s sites.

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  7. It appears that Denton (who was the well deserved runner-up Quack of the Week did not comply with the ASA’s demands.

    He was ordered to remove the problematic claims and ensure the ad does not appear in its current form. His reaction was not to delete the claims but simply to paste them onto another page – beneath some incomplete, misleading diagrams of chlorophyll and haemoglobin that he claims to have obtained from NASA (I’m not making this up!)

    The ASA have been informed of this latest transgression.

  8. Errol Denton now has a total of FOUR ASA adjudications against his advertising after the latest was published today, regarding some claims for nutritional microscopy which appear on the See My Cells FAQ page (

    This adjudication can be read in full on the ASA website here:

    Jo Brodie, the original complainant, wrote about it on her blog here:

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  10. Fitalifestyle have now been added to the ASA’s list of Misleading Online Advertisers for failure to remove the misleading efficacy claims following this adjudication:

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  14. i think that iridology is still a very early medicinal aid in diagnosing disease. it still needs more study to be scinetifically verified..

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