So you think I complain just for the sake of it..?

It’s becoming obvious to all that I am an irritating pedant who scours advertising for misleading claims, silly nonsense and outright lies. I do not, however, complain to the authorities unless I feel there is a good reason to do so.

In order to prove this point, here are some things I have chosen to ignore…

Food that 'mex' the world spin faster?
I did not use FishBarrel to complain to the Advertising Standards Authority or Consumer Direct, asking the company to substantiate their claim that their food ‘mex’ the world spin faster.

I chose not to contact my local Trading Standards office regarding the misleading claims on the packaging shown above.

I chose not to contact Trading Standards, asking the company to substantiate the implied claim that Alan Titchmarsh is the favourite gardener of all Marks & Spencer customers. Nor did I contact Trading Standards after witnessing similar advertising in my local B&Q. Although I did feel a bit sorry for Monty Don.

The company state that ‘all soft toys are good at hugging, comforting and listening and are fond of play and mischief’. I feel this is contrary to modern scientific understanding and do not believe there is robust evidence to support these claims. But I didn’t complain.

I did not phone this number asking them to explain how it would be possible to visit 1920s Belgium from Shropshire in one evening in April 2011. Nor did I complain to the authorities about this apparently misleading advertising claim.


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