I wish I could be like Dr Steve

It was no surprise to read on Wikipedia that Ray Davies of the Kinks admitted David Watts is a real person (a concert promoter in Rutland). I expect Paul Weller had a similar individual in mind when he suggested The Jam cover the song  – despite the fact he didn’t want to sing it himself.

We all know a David Watts. That someone who is insufferably good at everything and a success in all they do.

Someone like Dr Stephen Ferguson.

According to his website, Ferguson (who has TWO PhDs) is:

  • The most qualified natural health doctor in the world with over 200 letters after his name.
  • Master Chef – worked at the Dorchester Hotel and a number of other 5 Star Hotels and Mitchelin (sic) Star Restaurants
  • Advanced Psychotherapist
  • Former Mr. Titan Natural Bodybuilding Champion
  • Author of a best selling book
  • Bones and Joints Specialist
  • Drama Therapist
  • Advanced Reflexologist
  • Advanced Herbalist
  • Advanced Biochemic Medicine Specialist
  • … and much more

It’s not clear from all this if he’s actually a medical doctor but I suppose strictly speaking, he is Two Doctors…

And there’s more…

If you check out the Product Description of his ‘best selling book’ on Amazon, you will learn:

  • At the age of 11 he performed as a break dancer in London clubs
  • At the age of 15 he was a gang leader
  • He would sometimes work for 20 hours a day in very high standard hotels
  • In just 12 weeks he  transformed his body, going from a 40 inch to a 26 inch waist
  • He has worked in ‘way over’ 150 catering establishments

I could go on. He has over twenty years’ experience in food science… He rubs shoulders with celebrities, such as James Caan and Mark Wingett off The Bill… He has self cured himself of at least eleven conditions, including asthma, high blood pressure and arthritis all over his body to the point that he could hardly move his arms…

I think even David Watts would be jealous.


EDIT (12/10/11) I have revisited Ferguson’s site after discovering that he is currently running a Groupon promotion only to find that he now has THREE PhDs!

11 responses to “I wish I could be like Dr Steve

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  2. Hi There,

    I have recently seen Stephen Ferguson and quite can’t believe the audacity of the chap. I’m looking to find people who have had a somewhat bad experience with the self proclaimed guru of fitness and life.

    Very dangerous man in my view. Would love to hear your views or experiences with him,

    Kind Regards,


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  5. Hi I was just reading some of the things that have been said about Dr Ferguson, I think he is doing nothing wrong as he does not claim to be a Dr in the medical field what he does tell you is your health is your wealth and if you were to apply what he tells you with conventional drugs (if needed) then people would’nt feel cheated or let down. The thing is we all want a cure for that illness but instead of working with our bodies and doing right by it we look for a quick fix and if that fails we look to blame someone.
    One treament is not for all, and so therefore the importance of healthy eating is a must, If everyone was to change their eating habits then there would be a dramatic change in peoples wellbeing and if it this was to be continued then it would be more evident in future generations, each generations would then become more stronger and able to fight disease and infection at present we have become susceptible to just about everything why do you think that is? Its because we treat our bodies and the earth as a junk yard, we need to connect back to the earth in order to maintain good health. Healthy eating is a lifetime commitment not just for the duration of illness what you need to ask yourself is can you commit to what it takes, think about it if conventional medicine was working then why would we be seeking alternative treatment.

    • Healthy eating is very important as any (real) doctor would agree. In case you hadn’t noticed, medical professionals, the NHS and the Department of Health are constantly giving out lifestyle advice. They advise us against smoking, they advise us against drinking too much alcohol, they encourage us to eat at least 5 portions of fruit/vegetables a day, they encourage us to exercise regularly.

      ‘One treatment is not for all’. That rather depends on what is up with you, but again – there is no doubt that diet is important.

      Unfortunately, ‘Dr’ Ferguson talks a lot of nonsense to credulous members of the public. I’m not sure how many people believe he is a medical doctor but he certainly makes out he is an expert in health, without seeming to have even the most basic understanding of physiology. Also, I am not sure where he obtained his various PhDs but they are quite obviously not from an accredited institution (ie a proper University). Calling himself ‘Dr’ is highly misleading.

      • I’ve been to see Dr Stephen and he advised to continue taking your medication that has been prescribed by your doctor. He puts you on a healthy eating plan and an exercise plan and when you visit your GP next time then your GP reduces your medication when they see the improvement.

        Many of my friends have recommended him to people in situations where their GP has been of little or no help and they have been so impressed with the results that they have recommended him to more people. He must be doing something right!

  6. he worked in one of the the hackney school till 2010 as cook (not chef). knew him personally. he never had any degree. the chap is a self proclaimed fraudulent doctor and people should be warned. how can this man be allowed to even run clinic ! someone should investigate into this

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  8. It’s a big big world out there…and thousands are claiming to be drs and killing people…so…stop nit picking and get on with ur lives however u want to! Like a bunch of school kids!

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