This week’s ASA adjudications: all four related to misleading health claims

All four of this week’s adjudications related to misleading health claims (and judging from the list of informally resolved complaints, I predict a handful of those did too).

Cha-Zen didn’t even bother to reply to the ASA when asked to substantiate their claim that their Crystal Bed “has very powerful anti-oxidant actions that reduces the process of tissue and organ degeneration caused by free radicals.” They were told to “ensure that they held robust substantiation to support all claims in the future.” I wonder if the ASA have seen the Cha-Zen website..?

I was shocked to read the adjudication against the Water Ionizer Company as it looks to me that they had strongly implied that drinking their alkalized water can successfully treat leukaemia, sarcoidosis and ME. Although I didn’t see him mentioned on their website, this company seem to share a lot of the misguided ideas of our old friend, ‘Dr’ Robert O Young. Further information about this complaint is available on this blog, by the complainant himself.

Of the list of informally resolved complaints, one in particular caught my eye: The AMAS Group t/a This is relating to an ad for homeopathic hCG, which is an unlicensed medicine – the sale or promotion of which is not permitted, as pointed out by the MHRA here. I was impressed by the apparently single handed campaign against the sale of homeopathic hCG as discussed here and here and am inspired in my fight against the unregulated manufacture and sale of colloidal silver products.

As always, it’s well worth a detailed look at the adjudications on the ASA website and recommend you do so for more information on those I haven’t had time to discuss here.

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