Are UK Blood Clinic implying cancer can be reversed by following their diet?

(EDIT: The UK Blood Clinic website and video have now been removed, presumably as a result of my complaints.)

I came across the UK Blood Clinic site recently and used FishBarrel to complain to the ASA and Consumer Direct. As often seems to be the case, I believe the company are making a number of misleading statements on their website. But there’s more to it than that…

The services on offer include Live Blood Analysis, Alkaline Diet coaching and incredibly –  a ‘Cancer Buddy’ service for ‘people with cancer who want better answers and alternatives’.

I’m particularly concerned about this site because of the strong implications regarding cancer, for example in testimonials which state things like ‘I am completely convinced that my tumours have shrunk because of alkalising my body’. As it is illegal to advertise to treat anyone for cancer, I thought it best to inform Trading Standards.

The practitioner, Michelle Zielinski’s understanding of ‘Acid, Disease and Cancer’ seems to have come straight from ‘Dr’ Robert O Young, an impression she confirms in the video here, where she describes Young as a ‘doctor’. Because he continues to use the title ‘Dr’, it is quite possible Zielinski is simply mistaken but as I discussed here, here and here, he is quite obviously nothing of the sort.

Zielinski also says she is a former cancer sufferer. Frighteningly, she says Young could explain ‘why I had got cancer in the first place and how I could reverse that condition’ and that he ‘has impressive results in reversing cancerous conditions’. She goes on to say that she feels she has had a ‘very positive experience with cancer because it has changed my life and only in good ways’ then proves how little she understands about human biology by stating ‘you’ll only find illness and disease in a body which is acidic’.


12 responses to “Are UK Blood Clinic implying cancer can be reversed by following their diet?

  1. My interpretation of the ’39 Act is that anyone involved in advertising a cancer cure is culpable, including the web page designer and the ISP.
    You have to have some sympathy for Robert of Berkshire, whose testimonial on the ‘What our Patients say’ page shows he has either been criminally treated by his doctors or has completely misunderstood his position.
    The ‘Cancer marker’ he refers to is actually his PSA (Prostate-specific antigen) level, a blood test that has 70% accuracy in indicating cancer: 11 certainly indicates a prostate problem that needs investigation. The only way to confirm cancer is to undergo a biopsy which can identify the presence of cancerous cells. It’s highly likely that an improved diet (alkaline or otherwise) will make him feel better, but it’s unlikely that it’s cured his cancer – only another biopsy can confirm it.
    He could be the victim of the insidious nature of this type of ‘treatment’ as he seems to have been lulled into a false sense of security.
    But I have a feeling we don’t have a wholly accurate story.

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  4. Dear Ms Jones

    I am a former colleague of Michelle’s and I was very sceptical when she said she was seeking alternative therapies, but of course I couldn’t really say so.

    From the internet, as of September 2011 she was being cared for in a hospice for “recurrent” cancer, so far I have no further news.

    It breaks my heart that this young single mum was conned out of her money like this.

    Keep up the good work

  5. Hi

    Yes, that’s the item. I’ve heard nothing since.

    She’s a nice lady and was really hard worker.

    I can’t think of anything bad enough for the charlatans who exploit vulnerable people.

    Convention cancer treatment is not a lot of fun, although it’s not as bad as you might think (I know, because I’ve had chemo-radiation), but it can be very effective. If you have a really bad prognosis and you don’t want conventional treatment, treat yourself to a world cruise or something, but don’t give money to snake-oil peddlers.

    Sorry, rant over.

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  8. Hello Josephine

    I’m very sorry to tell you that Michelle Zielinski passed away some time before April 2012 (that’s when her grandmother died and it mentioned that Michelle had predeceased her).

    It was only what I had been expecting from the moment she put herself into the hands of those quacks in California ….Although there is no guarantee that she would have lived had she undergone conventional treatment, she wouldn’t have been swindled out of money. I daresay she paid out quite a bit for the training course as well.

    How do these con-artists manage to sleep at night?

    Best regards

    • Thanks for letting me know. How awful. I hope she did not deny herself real treatment in the belief she could be cured by live blood analysis and “alkaline” living.

      • mich sheridan

        It appears that she did have conventional treatment after her “recurrence”, but after her initial diagnosis, she simply went to a Californian “clinic” for a month and came back saying she was “cured”. I don’t know too much about it because at the time I was off sick, undergoing chemo and radiotherapy.
        We were diagnosed at the same time and I’m still here … and I eat and drink whatever I want.

        It’s very sad indeed.

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