Weekly ASA adjudications: some interesting informal resolutions and only three adjudications

There were only three adjudications in total this week but fifty-one informally resolved cases. Of the three, just one related to misleading healthcare claims and in fact even that was classed under ‘Publishing’ as it was relating to an ad which had appeared in the Daily Express.

I suppose the fact that the advertiser, My Aesthetics Ltd had described the product as a little ‘JAR OF MIRACLES’ is some indication they may not have been able to substantiate their claims regarding its supposed healing qualities. A quick web search has revealed this ad for what I assume is the product in question. This is interesting as it strongly implies healing qualities, not only in the product name itself but also throughout the ad (eg ‘helps protect and rejuvenates the skin layers thereby helping in the natural healing process’) but at the end states that the product ‘is not capable of healing’. It is also interesting in the use of the nonstandard spelling ‘itchey’ and the complete absence of any information regarding the ingredients of the product or any even vague suggestion of how it might work.

There are some corkers in the list of informally resolved cases. It’s frustrating that some of these didn’t go to adjudication as they would have made fascinating reading.

Of the six that were in the Health and Beauty sector, two were Laser Eye clinics as previously encountered and one was for a company selling slimming supplements.

We also have Yorktest Laboratories, who have previously had an adjudication against them regarding a test for food intolerance and who I believe are still making some pretty bold claims on their website. I would be interested to know exactly how this complaint was resolved.

The remaining three range from the very professional looking Chester Clinic for Complementary Medicine site through the decidedly amateurish Talking Cures one to the (in my blinkered opinion) completely bonkers Odyssey Therapy Centre. I expect Nina, the Psychic Surgeon herself would argue that I am letting my limited thoughts prevent me from overcoming my conditions.

I’d love to have seen more information about these three complaints, not only because I think the websites are still making doubtful claims but also for the sheer entertainment value. The Odyssey site is, in every respect, absolutely unbelievable. We have a ‘Multi-Dimensional Vibrational Healer, Soul Messenger and Communicator, Lightworker, Channelling Surgeons, Working with Archangelic Realms and Ascended Master’s specializing in operable, inoperable and post operative trauma conditions…’. I’m not sure exactly what that means but it’s very funny (in both senses). I could go on but sadly don’t have the time. I urge you to check it out for yourselves. You won’t regret it.


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